Tim and Lisa on For Love and Chocolate Podcast

Tim and Lisa were recently interviewed for the first episode of the For Love and Chocolate Podcast, a show about romantic origin stories hosted by Tommy and Tara Gallop, “Mr. and Mrs. Truffles” from Beverly Hills teuscher – Chocolates of Switzerland. Check it out here:

Just as a heads-up, the first 11 minutes are an intro of sorts, as well as a Q&A advice segment (fair warning: some of the content there may be a bit dated/patriarchal for some), so feel free to skip ahead to the 11-minute mark.

The interview portion itself is sweet and so beautiful, going into how Tim and Lisa met in grad school, became close friends, and fell in love, as well as their Cooperstown engagement story, wedding, and beyond!

Let us know what you thought in the comments below! (I’ve also added this episode to my Tim DeKay Podcast playlist on Spotify, FYI.)

FabTV Interview with Tim

FabTV interviewed Tim last week for the “Honor: In Their Words” event at the Hollywood Legion Theater, and they’ve posted the interview on YouTube! Tim talks more about the event itself, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, and about growing up during that time and seeing the effects it had on those who served.

Check it out here!

Interview: An Oral History of the Bizarro Jerry

Hi, folks – wow, it’s been a while! Hope everyone had a great summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere)!

Here’s something new for you all – Cracked.com writer Brian VanHooker interviewed the guest stars of the Bizarro Jerry episode of Seinfeld, including Tim, for his article, “An Oral History of ‘The Bizarro Jerry:’ The Nerdiest Seinfeld Episode Ever.”

The article goes in-depth about the episode itself, as well as talking to the actors and writer about the process behind creating one of the most memorable episodes of the show. Some of the info has been covered before, like Tim having a scheduling conflict for the second episode, but some was new to me – including that his character originally had a different name! The Emmy story was also news to me and was a great bit of trivia! (Fair warning: the article is obviously full of spoilers, although I think all of you have probably seen Tim’s episodes anyway!)

(Image from the article.)

Tim on The Place to Be: A Seinfeld Podcast

Tim was recently interviewed by Adam and Eric for “The Place to Be: A Seinfeld Podcast.” Check out their linktree for links to various podcast platforms. Or, if you’re listening on Spotify, you can easily find it on our own playlist of Tim’s podcast appearances!

I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’ll edit to add my thoughts when I do. If you’ve listened, let us know what you thought in the comments!

Happy Birthday Jamis! (plus podcasts!)

First off, Happy 22nd Birthday, Jamis!! In spite of the pandemic, this guy has had so much going on over the past year. He spent the fall semester doing remote classes for his sophomore year at Yale, he’s been working behind the scenes at the Chris Rose Rotation podcast, he’s been training (baseball) in Florida and Texas, he played for the Westhampton Aviators in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, and oh yeah, he released a great single, “Ghosts,” as Mohw.

Here’s this year’s birthday collage on Instagram – and scroll down to listen to the new single, as well as for info about recent podcast appearances from Tim and Jamis!

And now for the podcasts – Tim has appeared on two podcasts recently (in addition to the Pack Podcast), one with Jamis and one on his own. First, Tim appeared with brothers Paul Francis (the host) and Ted Sullivan on The Best Minutes Podcast back in late June – this was on our Twitter account, but I’m posting the link here for those who aren’t on Twitter. And then more recently, Tim and Jamis were talking baseball with Denny Barrett on the Swing Hard Podcast. You should be able to listen to both of these at the provided links without signing up for any accounts, or if you prefer, just check where you normally listen to podcasts!

Enjoy – and again, Happy Birthday, Jamis! 💙

The Working Actors Journey

This Friday, Tim will be taking part in Geoffrey Blake’s weekly Zoom show, The Working Actors Journey, along with George Newbern! They’ll be discussing acting and their careers, as well as whatever else comes up!

The show airs this Friday, August 14 at 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern) on Zoom! I’ve been emailing Geoff about this, and he’s assured me that multiple people can use the same Zoom invitation – so as soon as we receive ours, we’ll post it here for everyone to use!

**Event has ended – thanks to all who joined us!**

George Newbern, Tim, and Geoffrey Blake – photo from @geoffrey_blake on Instagram!

We’ll also post a recap after the show for those who aren’t able to attend!

Happy 21st Birthday, Jamis!

Today’s the big one for Jamis DeKay – he turns 21 years old today! Happy Birthday, Jamis! Although things are pretty crazy right now, we hope you have an awesome day, and we’re wishing you happiness, success, and good health in the upcoming year and beyond!

Here’s the collage I posted on Instagram – you can leave your birthday wishes for Jamis there (he follows our account), or you can post them here if you don’t have an IG account, and we’ll pass them along!

I’ll be sharing a few other photos and videos on our IG stories throughout the day, including this one, which is from exactly 10 years ago today – on Jamis’ 11th birthday!

Jamis will be starting his sophomore year at Yale (remotely) in the fall, and hopefully we’ll have Covid under control by spring so he can get back to playing baseball for the Bulldogs!

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House – Reaction Post

So, what did you all think of the White Collar cast reunion on Stars in the House? Wasn’t it great to see everyone back together again, reminiscing and laughing like no time had gone by at all? Did you catch Tim’s “Go, Team DeKay” shout-out at the end? For those who didn’t get to see this, it’s available on YouTube – here’s the link, and I’ll also embed it at the end of this post!

There were so many wonderful moments in this interview that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, everyone looked wonderful! We even got special cameo appearances from Hilarie’s son Gus, Marsha’s daughter Tallulah, and even Chance DeKay – who, as you can see from this shot, was not particularly interested in or impressed with this awesome event. No accounting for taste. 😉

Tell us what you really think, Chance! 😉 So adorable.

The hosts, James and Seth, were joined by Tim, Matt, Tiffani, Sharif, Marsha, Willie, and Hilary at various times. Lots of cast stories were shared, from audition stories to embarrassing moments, and Matt gave a very diplomatically ambiguous answer to the question about whether there will be another season of White Collar or not (I, personally, am not a fan of the idea of a new season, as I’d rather they leave it the way it was and not chance messing up the legacy of such a great show, but I know I’m in the minority!)

Another great part of this event is that donations were being collected for The Trevor Project, an outstanding and much-needed organization that provides mental health and other support services to LGBTQ youth. As I said on Instagram, this is especially important right now, as so many LGBTQ kids and teens are currently quarantined at home with family members who may not accept them. This can be very devastating to anyone who is LGBTQ but especially to young people, and it’s amplified by being away from their friends and support groups while in quarantine. Please consider donating (here’s the link) – it’s never too late, and any amount makes a difference.

As they were wrapping up at the very end, Willie gave a great shout-out to the fans in general and singled out Karina and Isa from WCCTV. Immediately after, Tim added a shout-out to Team DeKay – Willie was talking over him, but yes, we could definitely still hear you, Tim! Thank you again!

A quick shout-out to Team DeKay – thank you, Tim! ❤

Thanks to all of the cast members for agreeing to do this and sharing so many wonderful stories with us, and thanks to the Stars in the House hosts, James Wesley and Seth Rudetsky for bringing this reunion to us!

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s the full video:

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House

Thanks to Broadway World for letting us know about this!

Tim and the rest of the White Collar cast will be interviewed by Stars in the House hosts Seth and James on Thursday, May 7 at 8pm eastern time, and you’ll be able to submit questions for them to answer. This is all being done to support The Trevor Project – they’ll be taking donations during the show!

You can watch on the Stars in the House YouTube channel or at starsinthehouse.com. Check out the BWW article for full details! 👍

Tim on Fascination Street Podcast

Tim was the guest for the February 17 episode of Fascination Street Podcast. He spoke with host Steve Owens for nearly an hour about everything from growing up in the Ithaca area to getting started in acting to Diahann Carroll to Kipling. They also got into some of Tim’s most recent projects, guest-starring on Paramount’s 68 Whiskey and narrating the Lucky Dey series.

Many, many thanks, Tim, for the Team DeKay shout-out at the end! You rock! ❤ (And hat tip to Kristen for the heads-up!)

Listen to “Tim DeKay – Actor (68 Whiskey / White Collar)” on Spreaker.

Let us know what you think in the comments!