A Christmas Pudding Returns

Great news – Tim is once again performing in “A Christmas Pudding” this year!

The Pudding, which is returning after a four-year Covid hiatus, is described in the press release as “a delightful evening of stories, poetry, and song that celebrates the grace, goodness, and occasional perils of the season.”

There’s only one performance this year, on Saturday, December 16 at 7:00 pm at Westwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. You can get tickets at the door or on Eventbrite – $25 for adults and $10 for kids 16 and under.

Proceeds from this year’s Pudding go to FosterAll, “a charity started by Westwood Presbyterian and Dr. Mary Rotzien to support foster children and parents.”

Bid on Zoom Meeting with Tim and Matt

Have you ever wanted to chat with Tim and Matt about White Collar? Here’s your chance!

A Zoom meeting with Tim and Matt is just one of the many items up for bids in an auction benefitting The Union Solidary Coalition. According to TUSC’s website, they’re currently offering “direct financial support to crew members who have lost health insurance due to strike-related shutdowns.” This isn’t for the A-listers but instead benefits members of IATSE, Teamsters, and others who are out of work because of the strikes and who’ve lost their health insurance as a result.

According to the auction listing on eBay, the winner will get a 20-minute Zoom conversation with Tim and Matt where you can chat White Collar with them, and you’re allowed to bring one friend! It’s open to US residents only, and you can take photos but can’t record video of the session. The rest of the details, including the small print, disclaimers, etc., can be found in the auction listing. The auction ends on Friday, September 22 at 7:13pm (time zone isn’t specified).

As of the time of this post, the current bid is up to $1925.00, so it’s probably not even remotely feasible for most (myself included), but we hope the lucky winners have a wonderful time!

There are lots of other amazing auctions benefitting TUSC as well – check them out here! All are legitimate, but make sure to read all of the fine print before bidding! (Tim and Matt both posted about the auction on their respective IG accounts.)

Wake – New Audiobook Featuring Tim

Tim is part of the cast for a new audiobook version of the graphic novel, Wake by Dr. Rebecca Hall, adapted for audio by Tyler English-Beckwith. The story follows Dr. Hall, a historian and granddaughter of slaves, as she digs deeper into the history of enslaved women and their powerful role in revolts.

In addition to Tim, the audiobook features a wonderful cast led by DeWanda Wise and Chanté Adams. (I don’t know the name of Tim’s character, but when I hear back from him, I’ll edit to add it.) You can find it on Audible!

Cover image for the audiobook Wake by Rebecca Hall.

Tim Live on Cameo Calls

Here’s some fun news – Tim will be going live on Cameo Calls on Sunday, March 21 at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT, and you could have a chance to talk to him one-on-one! Here’s how it works:

For $30, you’ll get a 2-minute, one-on-one video chat with Tim himself, as well as a photo with him at the end. (The event benefits PATH – People Assisting the Homeless – in L.A.) Tim said he’ll be on for about 40 minutes, so several people will get a chance to chat with him. Team DeKay member Kelli B. said chances go quickly, so be sure to have your payment method ready before the event starts!

You can find Tim’s Cameo page at this link. I’m not very familiar with Cameo, but I believe you have to sign up for an account (free) and download the app (also free) to participate in the Cameo Calls event.

Good luck – if you get through, let us know how your chat with Tim went!

Tim on Cameo

We just got the go-ahead from Tim himself to let everyone know that he’s now on Cameo!

For those who don’t know, Cameo is a service where you can get personalized video messages from celebrities. (For example, you can request a video for a friend’s birthday or other special occasion.)

The cost for a video from Tim is $45, and a portion of the proceeds will go to PATH (People Assisting The Homeless), an organization which is helping to end homelessness in California by building affordable housing and offering support services.

If anyone gets a video from Tim, and you want us to share it here on the site, please contact us using the contact form or through one of our social media accounts!

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House – Reaction Post

So, what did you all think of the White Collar cast reunion on Stars in the House? Wasn’t it great to see everyone back together again, reminiscing and laughing like no time had gone by at all? Did you catch Tim’s “Go, Team DeKay” shout-out at the end? For those who didn’t get to see this, it’s available on YouTube – here’s the link, and I’ll also embed it at the end of this post!

There were so many wonderful moments in this interview that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, everyone looked wonderful! We even got special cameo appearances from Hilarie’s son Gus, Marsha’s daughter Tallulah, and even Chance DeKay – who, as you can see from this shot, was not particularly interested in or impressed with this awesome event. No accounting for taste. 😉

Tell us what you really think, Chance! 😉 So adorable.

The hosts, James and Seth, were joined by Tim, Matt, Tiffani, Sharif, Marsha, Willie, and Hilary at various times. Lots of cast stories were shared, from audition stories to embarrassing moments, and Matt gave a very diplomatically ambiguous answer to the question about whether there will be another season of White Collar or not (I, personally, am not a fan of the idea of a new season, as I’d rather they leave it the way it was and not chance messing up the legacy of such a great show, but I know I’m in the minority!)

Another great part of this event is that donations were being collected for The Trevor Project, an outstanding and much-needed organization that provides mental health and other support services to LGBTQ youth. As I said on Instagram, this is especially important right now, as so many LGBTQ kids and teens are currently quarantined at home with family members who may not accept them. This can be very devastating to anyone who is LGBTQ but especially to young people, and it’s amplified by being away from their friends and support groups while in quarantine. Please consider donating (here’s the link) – it’s never too late, and any amount makes a difference.

As they were wrapping up at the very end, Willie gave a great shout-out to the fans in general and singled out Karina and Isa from WCCTV. Immediately after, Tim added a shout-out to Team DeKay – Willie was talking over him, but yes, we could definitely still hear you, Tim! Thank you again!

A quick shout-out to Team DeKay – thank you, Tim! ❤

Thanks to all of the cast members for agreeing to do this and sharing so many wonderful stories with us, and thanks to the Stars in the House hosts, James Wesley and Seth Rudetsky for bringing this reunion to us!

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s the full video:

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House

Thanks to Broadway World for letting us know about this!

Tim and the rest of the White Collar cast will be interviewed by Stars in the House hosts Seth and James on Thursday, May 7 at 8pm eastern time, and you’ll be able to submit questions for them to answer. This is all being done to support The Trevor Project – they’ll be taking donations during the show!

You can watch on the Stars in the House YouTube channel or at starsinthehouse.com. Check out the BWW article for full details! 👍

Claris Health City Lights Gala Interviews

Thanks so much to Kristen for the heads-up on this!

LRM Online has posted an interview that they did with Tim from the Claris Health City Lights Gala on October 19. Tim attended to support the wonderful Sharif Atkins, who was the event’s emcee. Check out the interview below.

Tim at the Claris Health City Lights Gala

I looked for other interviews from the event and was also able to find one from Shirin Paulino at Rich Girl Network.tv, with a special appearance/interview-bomb by Sharif. (Ear fondling and discussion of chaps may be involved.) 😉

Rich Girl Network.tv interviews with Tim (starts at 0:19), Marcus Folmar, and Yawar Charlie.


(And in totally unrelated news, the photo gallery isn’t working. It has something to do with SQL, but I just started a new full-time job with overtime, so I haven’t been able to look into it. I’ll try to fix it when I get a chance. If anyone recognizes the error and knows how to fix it, let me know!)

RMWP Fan Works Master Post

In addition to raffle prizes, those who donated to Tim’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign had the option of using some or all of their donation amount to commission fan works (writing or art). We were pleasantly surprised by the response; in all, we received 8 fan works commissions – four for writing and four for art!

Here are the links to the works that have been completed so far. As others are finished, they’ll be added to this list, and we’ll link this entry in the sidebar to make it easier to find! Enjoy!



Final RMWP Shout-Out Videos Are Here

For those who haven’t yet seen this, Tim posted his final shout-out videos from the Real Men Wear Pink campaign today!

Those who donated $25 or more and sent their confirmation to us got a mention in the first video Tim posted today, while the second video featured shout-outs to those who donated prizes and fan works!

Shout-outs for those who donated $25 or more (and weren’t mentioned in the first video)!
And shout-outs for those who donated prizes and/or fan works!

Thanks again to everyone who donated money, prizes, and fan works, as well as those who helped us get the word out on social media. We truly appreciate everything you all did to help Tim reach his goal!

And, of course, thanks so much to Tim as well for inviting Team DeKay to help him with his campaign and putting his faith in us!