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So, what did you all think of the White Collar cast reunion on Stars in the House? Wasn’t it great to see everyone back together again, reminiscing and laughing like no time had gone by at all? Did you catch Tim’s “Go, Team DeKay” shout-out at the end? For those who didn’t get to see this, it’s available on YouTube – here’s the link, and I’ll also embed it at the end of this post!

There were so many wonderful moments in this interview that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, everyone looked wonderful! We even got special cameo appearances from Hilarie’s son Gus, Marsha’s daughter Tallulah, and even Chance DeKay – who, as you can see from this shot, was not particularly interested in or impressed with this awesome event. No accounting for taste. 😉

Tell us what you really think, Chance! 😉 So adorable.

The hosts, James and Seth, were joined by Tim, Matt, Tiffani, Sharif, Marsha, Willie, and Hilary at various times. Lots of cast stories were shared, from audition stories to embarrassing moments, and Matt gave a very diplomatically ambiguous answer to the question about whether there will be another season of White Collar or not (I, personally, am not a fan of the idea of a new season, as I’d rather they leave it the way it was and not chance messing up the legacy of such a great show, but I know I’m in the minority!)

Another great part of this event is that donations were being collected for The Trevor Project, an outstanding and much-needed organization that provides mental health and other support services to LGBTQ youth. As I said on Instagram, this is especially important right now, as so many LGBTQ kids and teens are currently quarantined at home with family members who may not accept them. This can be very devastating to anyone who is LGBTQ but especially to young people, and it’s amplified by being away from their friends and support groups while in quarantine. Please consider donating (here’s the link) – it’s never too late, and any amount makes a difference.

As they were wrapping up at the very end, Willie gave a great shout-out to the fans in general and singled out Karina and Isa from WCCTV. Immediately after, Tim added a shout-out to Team DeKay – Willie was talking over him, but yes, we could definitely still hear you, Tim! Thank you again!

A quick shout-out to Team DeKay – thank you, Tim! ❤

Thanks to all of the cast members for agreeing to do this and sharing so many wonderful stories with us, and thanks to the Stars in the House hosts, James Wesley and Seth Rudetsky for bringing this reunion to us!

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s the full video:

8 Comments on “White Collar Cast on Stars in the House – Reaction Post”

  1. Thanks for confirming what Tim said. I thought he had given a shout-out (and a much deserved one!!!) but it was hard to pick up at the time.

    I have mixed feelings. Of course I loved it and was grinning and laughing with the cast. You can’t fake that kind of love and affection that they so obviously have for one another and the show. The chemistry is still there as well. Tim looked great and given the setting and occasion, I liked the casual t-shirt look. Loved his dog crashing the interview. Chance is adorable! And my husband drinks Stella so he approved of Tim’s beverage choice!

    The downside for me was 2 fold. First, it’s like giving a recovering alcoholic a drink. I loved WC but have accepted that it’s over. When I have a WC itch, I scratch it by writing a fanfic. Seeing the group together makes me crave more which I am mixed about. Most reboots or movies fail to capture the original magic. I like how WC ended though there were things I wish had been addressed/resolved. Like what happened to Mozzie’s parents, Neal’s mom, and Sara’s sister? We met El’s parents but no one from Peter’s family. The shortened last season didn’t allow for the writers to go beyond setting up the ending. As I said, cast chemistry is still there so the success or failure of more WC would be 100% up to the quality of the writing and storylines. That being said, heck yes I’m watching if it manages to resurrect itself with the original cast.

    The second low is just a personal pet peeve of mine. Yes Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is technically the “main” character but the show is a “buddy” show and forgive me but that means it doesn’t work without the partner. Nothing against Neal (Matt), I just think Peter (Tim) needs to be shown a little more fan love. WC would not have been the show it was without the 2 of them. So I got a little annoyed when they left Matt on the whole time but dropped Tim off. Sorry, just my issue and it didn’t take away my overall enjoyment of the reunion. I hope it’s something they will do again in the future.

    1. Yep – Tim contacted me immediately after to make sure I heard it. I thought that was what he’d said, but Willie was talking over him, so it was hard to pick up.

      I agree with both of your downsides. I, too, loved seeing them all together, and it brought back some of that magic. I knew they were all still friends, but seeing them slip back into those easy interactions rekindled some of my love for what WC used to be (which, admittedly, had been dwindling lately because of the bombardment of calls to bring it back). That said, I don’t know that the original magic would still be able to be translated to the scripts/screen.

      Also, I’m not a fan at all of the idea floated by Jeff in that post-finale interview, that Neal went back to a life of crime. What I preferred to take from the newspaper in the storage unit was that Neal had started doing security consulting for the Louvre and others, something he knew would make Peter proud. If a new season would mean Neal returning to crime and Peter hunting him down again, that would be infuriating to me.

      Obviously, if it does happen, I’ll watch and will promote the hell out of it, post about it, etc. At this point, though, the only good thing I can see coming from a reboot is that the cast would all have jobs again!

      And I totally agree that Tim should’ve been just as much of a focus as Matt. I’m biased, of course, but this reunion also comes on the heels of that stupid thing with Matt on Twitter last week (or the week before, maybe?) when some person said they didn’t know who Matt was, and everyone went off. There were quite a few people claiming that Matt, and I quote, “carried White Collar on his shoulders for six seasons” (or some variation of that). Okay, no. Which show are they watching? That’s a huge, HUGE insult to not only Tim, but the rest of this outstanding cast. I won’t say what my response to those comments was, but my husband (a fan of the show but not a “fandom” person at all) agreed with me. 😉 Maybe I’ll tell you via email.

      I, too, am hoping they’ll do more cast reunions in the future. But not a new season.

      1. Yes you had better email me! Lol.

        I wouldn’t even know how Neal going back to crime would work? Either he gets caught (and you have no show) or he keeps getting away which then makes those chasing him look like buffoons (ala A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard). Peter is no Sheriff Roscoe P. Coletrain! 🤔 going to need some serious creativity for that to work.

        1. Exactly! I thought the whole point of the show was that Peter was the only agent who ever caught Neal – and he did it twice. Also, having Neal go back to a life of crime would basically negate everything Peter did for him during the time they worked together. There’s a flaw in the slaw! (That’s my Rosco reference. 😉)

          I mean, if they absolutely _must_ do something, then maybe just a movie where either Peter visits Neal or the other way around. Neal has become a reputable security consultant, Sara is probably with him (it would definitely be “another time” for both of them, after all), Mozzie is still around because Mozzie (he splits his time between NYC and wherever in Europe Neal is at the time), and Peter and Jones are still overseeing the Harvard Crew because, no matter how much I loathed the Burke baby story line (and you know I did), Peter has found that he’s not as interested in a promotion as he once was. El balances virtual event planning and motherhood, and Diana is on the way up the ladder in DC but still makes the trip north anytime Peter and Jones need her help – which is more often than any of them will ever admit.

          But, you know, since all of that was already jossed by that interview six years ago, it just lives on a shelf in the back of my mind.

  2. It was great seeing the cast all together again. They really have a chemistry and a friendship that can’t be faked. It was really fun to see all the banter and joy. Tim and Marsha especially were so funny.

    I do have mixed feelings about a sequel though, like you two. If it were to happen, I’d prefer if Peter and Neal were working together from the start. Like maybe time has passed (because time does have passed LOL), they all live their own life but Peter has a particularly complicated case and he goes sees Neal for help ? Or maybe an old nememis comes back and they all have to work together to get out of it?

    ETA: damn I have White Collar feelings again now. I might have to write yet another post-finale fic 😉

    1. Yep – love Tim and Marsha riffing off of each other. They really need to do more videos together.

      I like your idea for a sequel, too. No matter what, they should be on the same side. (I still don’t think they should do it at all, though. The show has such a great legacy that would likely be screwed up just because some people feel entitled to more and won’t let it rest.)

      Let us know if you write the fic – I don’t read or write WC fics anymore, but I’d make an exception! (I’m trying to write one for a prize fic, but it’s very AU; I’ll never, ever write a canon WC fic again.) We need to catch up again soon, too! ☺

      1. eh I hadn’t actually seen your reply when I contacted you via the chat. 😉

        It’s quite unlikely that I’d write that fic, especially something potentially quite long, but it’s funny how easily I fell back into that “mood” of thinking of fic ideas. That’s also why I’m mixed about a sequel. Even though I have some issues with the finale, it was great to have such an open ending that allowed us to write many post finale fics. And I don’t want a canon story that would make all my fanfic moot.

  3. I loved hearing about the audition stories, especially that Matt was so excited when he read with Tim that he chased him out and told him he had to get the job! Matt LOVES Tim.

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