Tim and Lisa on For Love and Chocolate Podcast

Tim and Lisa were recently interviewed for the first episode of the For Love and Chocolate Podcast, a show about romantic origin stories hosted by Tommy and Tara Gallop, “Mr. and Mrs. Truffles” from Beverly Hills teuscher – Chocolates of Switzerland. Check it out here:

Just as a heads-up, the first 11 minutes are an intro of sorts, as well as a Q&A advice segment (fair warning: some of the content there may be a bit dated/patriarchal for some), so feel free to skip ahead to the 11-minute mark.

The interview portion itself is sweet and so beautiful, going into how Tim and Lisa met in grad school, became close friends, and fell in love, as well as their Cooperstown engagement story, wedding, and beyond!

Let us know what you thought in the comments below! (I’ve also added this episode to my Tim DeKay Podcast playlist on Spotify, FYI.)

Happy 60th Birthday, Tim!

Happy Birthday, Tim!!

It’s hard to believe an entire decade has passed since the first time Ara and I worked on a birthday project together for Tim, but here we are! Back in 2013, Ara put together a birthday book of greetings from around the world for Tim’s 50th and gave it to him in person in NYC just before his birthday, and it was a huge hit! That’s also the first time she and I worked together on something for Tim, and it wasn’t long after that we debuted this very website!

I’ve been posting lots of birthday collages and greetings for Tim on Instagram. Most of it is included on the feed itself, but anything in the stories was also added to a highlight collection so it can be viewed for longer than 24 hours. Check it out!

Tim, I hope you’ve had an amazing 60th birthday, and that you have a great year ahead and many, many more to come! Much love! ❤️

Here are a few of the collages I posted to IG:

Rest in Peace, Willie Garson

Just echoing what I said on Instagram…

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough words. Rest easy, WG. With your wit, brilliance, kindness, and generosity, you have touched the hearts of so many in this world, including countless folks who’ve never even had the pleasure of knowing you personally. Our thoughts are with Nathen and with Willie’s family, both close and extended. Be at peace, friend. Cancer sucks.

Happy Birthday Jamis! (plus podcasts!)

First off, Happy 22nd Birthday, Jamis!! In spite of the pandemic, this guy has had so much going on over the past year. He spent the fall semester doing remote classes for his sophomore year at Yale, he’s been working behind the scenes at the Chris Rose Rotation podcast, he’s been training (baseball) in Florida and Texas, he played for the Westhampton Aviators in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, and oh yeah, he released a great single, “Ghosts,” as Mohw.

Here’s this year’s birthday collage on Instagram – and scroll down to listen to the new single, as well as for info about recent podcast appearances from Tim and Jamis!

And now for the podcasts – Tim has appeared on two podcasts recently (in addition to the Pack Podcast), one with Jamis and one on his own. First, Tim appeared with brothers Paul Francis (the host) and Ted Sullivan on The Best Minutes Podcast back in late June – this was on our Twitter account, but I’m posting the link here for those who aren’t on Twitter. And then more recently, Tim and Jamis were talking baseball with Denny Barrett on the Swing Hard Podcast. You should be able to listen to both of these at the provided links without signing up for any accounts, or if you prefer, just check where you normally listen to podcasts!

Enjoy – and again, Happy Birthday, Jamis! 💙

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Sending out big birthday wishes to Tim, who turns 58 today!!

It’s been a crazy year for sure – last year’s birthday took place during quarantine, and a year later, most places around the world are still under some kind of restrictions/quarantine. There is an end in sight, though, and we’re hoping Tim will be able to have a wonderful birthday this year. (And since it’s on Saturday, he should just celebrate all weekend long, right?) Here’s hoping, also, that the upcoming year will be full of great things for Tim and his family!

Leave your birthday wishes for Tim in the comments or on IG and we’ll make sure he gets them! 💗

7 Years of Team DeKay!

Happy 7th Anniversary Team DeKay. Gif by Aragarna.
Happy 7th Anniversary Team DeKay – gif by Aragarna! 🥂

Wow! Can you believe it’s been 7 years since we officially launched Team DeKay? It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s been so long!

We actually started posting on the site way back in early May 2014, but we waited until June 1 to officially launch so that we had some content on the site, and because June is Tim’s birth month!

The site came about after Aragarna and I (Daclaren) were discussing the fact that Tim had no active fansites at the time, no place for fans to find up-to-date information about his current and future projects. We knew he, and our fellow TDK fans, deserved better and decided to create a site where folks could find info about Tim’s latest projects, as well as photos, videos, and more. Ara already had the Tim DeKay Forum message board, and I had an Instagram account for fans of Tim – we combined the two and expanded to become Team DeKay!

Now, here we are, seven years later! The site has grown to become Tim’s official fan site, we have active accounts on all major social media platforms, we paired with Tim in back 2018 (at his request!) to help him raise money for breast cancer research through the Real Men Wear Pink campaign, we’ve earned the support of the whole wonderful DeKay family, and we’re still continuing with that original mission of bringing you the latest about Tim’s projects, appearances, etc.

And we couldn’t have done any of this without all of you! Thank you so, so much to all of those who’ve joined us over the past 7 years – those who’ve been around since the beginning, and those who are just discovering us. We really, truly appreciate everyone’s support, we love your enthusiasm, and we’re incredibly grateful for those who send in tips and/or photos, post comments, like and share our posts on social media, and so much more.

Much love to all of you, and much love and respect to the entire DeKay family. Here’s to many more years supporting such a sweet and talented actor and his family. 🎉💖

Happy 30th Anniversary, Tim & Elisa!

Today marks a wonderful milestone for Tim and Elisa – it’s their 30th anniversary!

These two are a beautiful couple, amazing parents, and they’ve been so gracious to us here at Team DeKay for nearly 7 years! (Has it been that long already?!) We’re sending out much love and best wishes to them, today and always! Happy Anniversary, Elisa & Tim! 💕

30th anniversary collage for Tim and Elisa DeKay, featuring various photos of them through the years.

Leave your anniversary wishes here in the comments, and we’ll make sure they get them – or post them on Instagram!

Happy 18th Birthday, Danna!

The younger of the DeKay siblings has turned 18 – Happy Birthday, Danna!

Collage of photos of Danna DeKay and family for Danna's 18th birthday.

It’s certainly been a crazy year – a global pandemic, distance learning to start Danna’s senior year of high school (and socially-distanced volleyball?!), masks and sanitizer everywhere, an equal rights revolution, an election for the ages, The Great Toilet Paper Shortage, so many hurricanes that they ran out of names…should I go on?

And though some things may have gone a bit differently during this trip around the sun, Danna seems to have handled it with grace and a fierce spirit. It’s been so inspiring to watch her grow from that sweet little girl who accompanied her dad to White Collar events into an amazing young woman – an academic, an athlete, an artist, an activist.

Thank you so much, Danna, for letting us come along on the journey – we’re looking forward to cheering you on in whatever your bright future may bring! Much love and respect! 💙🎉

You can leave your birthday wishes for Danna in the comments below, or post them on our Instagram post!

Happy 21st Birthday, Jamis!

Today’s the big one for Jamis DeKay – he turns 21 years old today! Happy Birthday, Jamis! Although things are pretty crazy right now, we hope you have an awesome day, and we’re wishing you happiness, success, and good health in the upcoming year and beyond!

Here’s the collage I posted on Instagram – you can leave your birthday wishes for Jamis there (he follows our account), or you can post them here if you don’t have an IG account, and we’ll pass them along!

I’ll be sharing a few other photos and videos on our IG stories throughout the day, including this one, which is from exactly 10 years ago today – on Jamis’ 11th birthday!

Jamis will be starting his sophomore year at Yale (remotely) in the fall, and hopefully we’ll have Covid under control by spring so he can get back to playing baseball for the Bulldogs!

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Happy Birthday, Tim! 🎉

The past year may not have ended quite the way anyone planned, but it was still a good one overall, as evidenced by these pics and the memories that go with them. Hope that your next trip around the sun brings happiness, good health, peace, and more moments like these. ❤️

If you’d like to leave a birthday message for Tim, post it in the comments below or on our social media posts!

Birthday collage for Tim DeKay featuring photos from the past year.
Happy Birthday, Tim!