Happy 18th Birthday, Danna!

The younger of the DeKay siblings has turned 18 – Happy Birthday, Danna!

Collage of photos of Danna DeKay and family for Danna's 18th birthday.

It’s certainly been a crazy year – a global pandemic, distance learning to start Danna’s senior year of high school (and socially-distanced volleyball?!), masks and sanitizer everywhere, an equal rights revolution, an election for the ages, The Great Toilet Paper Shortage, so many hurricanes that they ran out of names…should I go on?

And though some things may have gone a bit differently during this trip around the sun, Danna seems to have handled it with grace and a fierce spirit. It’s been so inspiring to watch her grow from that sweet little girl who accompanied her dad to White Collar events into an amazing young woman – an academic, an athlete, an artist, an activist.

Thank you so much, Danna, for letting us come along on the journey – we’re looking forward to cheering you on in whatever your bright future may bring! Much love and respect! 💙🎉

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