Tim on Fascination Street Podcast

Tim was the guest for the February 17 episode of Fascination Street Podcast. He spoke with host Steve Owens for nearly an hour about everything from growing up in the Ithaca area to getting started in acting to Diahann Carroll to Kipling. They also got into some of Tim’s most recent projects, guest-starring on Paramount’s 68 Whiskey and narrating the Lucky Dey series.

Many, many thanks, Tim, for the Team DeKay shout-out at the end! You rock! ❤ (And hat tip to Kristen for the heads-up!)

Listen to “Tim DeKay – Actor (68 Whiskey / White Collar)” on Spreaker.

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Tim on 68 Whiskey

Update: Tim posted on Instagram that his episode is episode 7 (apparently, they put clips from a couple of episodes into that trailer) – which should be airing in two weeks. Sorry for the mix-up – the networks and their lack of info are so frustrating! I’ll post a reminder when his episode is airing.

Apologies for the short notice, but I just found out about this today, and only by chance (happened to watch the trailer on Yellowstone‘s FB since we’ve been watching the show).

Tim will be on tonight’s episode episode 7 of 68 Whiskey! The episode airs on Wednesday, February 26 at 10 pm eastern on Paramount Network. Since many networks no longer put out info (like guest star lists) about episodes of their shows ahead of time, that’s really all we know at this point.

Here’s a screencap from the preview – I’m only posting one because the rest was full of spoilery stuff.

Tim with Cristina Rodlo in tonight's episode of 68 Whiskey.

As always, we’ll have captures available in the gallery (which is back up and running) shortly!

RIP Diahann Carroll

Tim with Diahann Carroll in 2014.

Trailblazer, talent, beauty, icon, legend – just a few of the many wonderful words being used to remember Diahann Carroll today. Most of you in this fandom, of course, knew her as June Ellington, but she’d had a long and groundbreaking career before moving into that mansion on Riverside Drive. She won a Tony in 1962, a Golden Globe in 1969, was nominated for four Emmys and an Academy Award, and was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2011. As the star of “Julia” in the late 1960s, she was the first black actress cast in a lead, non-servant role. Depending on your age, you may also remember her from recurring roles on “Dynasty,” “A Different World,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Tim with Diahann Carroll in the White Collar episode, Power Play.

On a more personal note, I loved Diahann’s role on WC. From the first episode to the last, she brought elegance, grace, and even a bit of sass to June and made her a character that everyone loved. I was so happy that a whole new generation was introduced to her singing, and I thought she had such beautiful diction while speaking as well. (And as someone who is admittedly fluent in profanity, I chuckled at the fact that even someone as classy as Diahann was not immune to the occasional expletive, as evidenced in the season six gag reel.)

Rest easy, Ms. Carroll. You will certainly be missed. Also, fuck cancer.

Tim on the Today Show

Thanks to Tim himself for the heads-up on this one!

Tim and three other Seinfeld recurring/guest stars were interviewed on the Today Show as part of their 30th anniversary celebration of the debut of Seinfeld.

There’s also a separate, longer interview with just Tim where he reminisces about his character (Kevin – aka Bizarro Jerry), tells us what he thinks Kevin is up to nowadays, and even gives us his best Seinfeld imitation!


Happy New Year from Team DeKay

Happy 2019, everyone!

2018 was a great year for Team DeKay – and for Tim! We got to see new work from Tim with his recurring role on HBO’s Here and Now, as well as a guest appearance on Ballers. Second Chance was released on DVD. Tim once again performed for A Christmas Pudding, as well as reading for LA Theatre Works’ recording of The Little Foxes.

And, of course, there was Tim’s participation in the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign. He came to us to help him raise funds for breast cancer initiatives, and with a raffle, tiered donation prizes, and fan work commissions-for-donations, we managed to help Tim raise just over $2500! Thanks so much to all of those who participated, whether through donating money, donating prizes, or spreading the word through social media! 💗

RMWP campaign results

We continue to be active on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and brand new presences on Dreamwidth and Pillowfort as well!

We’d like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019! And, as always, thanks to Tim, Elisa, Danna, Jamis, and all of the extended DeKay family for their support of this page and our social media accounts. We truly appreciate it! Happy New Year! 🎉🥂🎊❤

Our Instagram 2018 Top Nine!

Tim on HBO’s Ballers

More news – I’m finally getting to post about this one! I’d originally heard that Tim was supposed to make an appearance on an episode of HBO’s Ballers back in August, but HBO never got back to my request for more info, and it wasn’t available on their website, on IMDb, etc. I didn’t want to post about it without knowing which episode, and unfortunately, the info wasn’t available until after the episode aired. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I found out today that it actually aired last Thursday, but it’s still available to stream on HBO’s website. It’s episode 7 of the current season (four), and Tim plays Todd Richardson. I’ve posted a few of my own quick captures on Instagram, and I’ll post a couple below, but we’ll have Ara’s much better caps available in the gallery soon!

Tim as Todd Richardson on HBO's Ballers

Second Chance now available on DVD

Second Chance, featuring Tim as Duval Pritchard, is now available on DVD!

The three-disc set, released today, is available on Amazon. For some reason, the description on Amazon’s page mentions a Turkish series, but all of the other details describe Fox’s Second Chance, and Releases.com confirms that the DVD released today is for the Fox series with Tim, Rob Kazinsky, and Dilshad Vadsaria.

Second Chance cast

Here and Now 1×10 Reaction Post

Okay, that was quite an interesting season finale! We did get some answers and closure, but things were still left wide open enough for a second season – hoping the show will get one. Anything else I could say would be too close to spoilers, so I’ll save it for the comments.

So, what did you think of the finale? Was it enough, or did it leave you wanting even more? You know the drill – leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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