Tim on Fascination Street Podcast

Tim was the guest for the February 17 episode of Fascination Street Podcast. He spoke with host Steve Owens for nearly an hour about everything from growing up in the Ithaca area to getting started in acting to Diahann Carroll to Kipling. They also got into some of Tim’s most recent projects, guest-starring on Paramount’s 68 Whiskey and narrating the Lucky Dey series.

Many, many thanks, Tim, for the Team DeKay shout-out at the end! You rock! ❤ (And hat tip to Kristen for the heads-up!)

Listen to “Tim DeKay – Actor (68 Whiskey / White Collar)” on Spreaker.

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  1. Loved this podcast. Tim is so nice and must be an interviewer’s dream to work with! His Diahann Carroll story was really funny and touching.

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