Rest in Peace, Willie Garson

Just echoing what I said on Instagram…

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough words. Rest easy, WG. With your wit, brilliance, kindness, and generosity, you have touched the hearts of so many in this world, including countless folks who’ve never even had the pleasure of knowing you personally. Our thoughts are with Nathen and with Willie’s family, both close and extended. Be at peace, friend. Cancer sucks.

The Expanse Season 5

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve had a guest appearance for season 5 of The Expanse listed in the “Upcoming Appearances” section of the sidebar for the past several months, but we weren’t allowed to include any specific details. Well, now that the first episodes of season 5 have been released, we can say more!

Tim is appearing as Admiral Sauveterre in episodes 2 and 10 of the latest season of The Expanse. Episode 2 was released today, while episode 10 (the season finale) won’t be posted until February 3, 2021. The Expanse streams on Amazon Prime and will run for six seasons in total.

Here’s a screenshot from episode 2 – I’ll be posting more on our Instagram account!

Screenshot of Tim DeKay as Admiral Sauveterre in season 5 episode 2 of The Expanse.
Tim as Admiral Sauveterre in season 5 episode 2 of The Expanse.

Looking very sharp, sir!

As always, you can let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments! I’m not familiar with the show or books (although I’ve been told I should watch the show), so I don’t know anything about Tim’s character – outside of the fact that he’s a great lecturer! Looking forward to seeing more for sure.

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House – Reaction Post

So, what did you all think of the White Collar cast reunion on Stars in the House? Wasn’t it great to see everyone back together again, reminiscing and laughing like no time had gone by at all? Did you catch Tim’s “Go, Team DeKay” shout-out at the end? For those who didn’t get to see this, it’s available on YouTube – here’s the link, and I’ll also embed it at the end of this post!

There were so many wonderful moments in this interview that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, everyone looked wonderful! We even got special cameo appearances from Hilarie’s son Gus, Marsha’s daughter Tallulah, and even Chance DeKay – who, as you can see from this shot, was not particularly interested in or impressed with this awesome event. No accounting for taste. 😉

Tell us what you really think, Chance! 😉 So adorable.

The hosts, James and Seth, were joined by Tim, Matt, Tiffani, Sharif, Marsha, Willie, and Hilary at various times. Lots of cast stories were shared, from audition stories to embarrassing moments, and Matt gave a very diplomatically ambiguous answer to the question about whether there will be another season of White Collar or not (I, personally, am not a fan of the idea of a new season, as I’d rather they leave it the way it was and not chance messing up the legacy of such a great show, but I know I’m in the minority!)

Another great part of this event is that donations were being collected for The Trevor Project, an outstanding and much-needed organization that provides mental health and other support services to LGBTQ youth. As I said on Instagram, this is especially important right now, as so many LGBTQ kids and teens are currently quarantined at home with family members who may not accept them. This can be very devastating to anyone who is LGBTQ but especially to young people, and it’s amplified by being away from their friends and support groups while in quarantine. Please consider donating (here’s the link) – it’s never too late, and any amount makes a difference.

As they were wrapping up at the very end, Willie gave a great shout-out to the fans in general and singled out Karina and Isa from WCCTV. Immediately after, Tim added a shout-out to Team DeKay – Willie was talking over him, but yes, we could definitely still hear you, Tim! Thank you again!

A quick shout-out to Team DeKay – thank you, Tim! ❤

Thanks to all of the cast members for agreeing to do this and sharing so many wonderful stories with us, and thanks to the Stars in the House hosts, James Wesley and Seth Rudetsky for bringing this reunion to us!

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s the full video:

White Collar Cast on Stars in the House

Thanks to Broadway World for letting us know about this!

Tim and the rest of the White Collar cast will be interviewed by Stars in the House hosts Seth and James on Thursday, May 7 at 8pm eastern time, and you’ll be able to submit questions for them to answer. This is all being done to support The Trevor Project – they’ll be taking donations during the show!

You can watch on the Stars in the House YouTube channel or at Check out the BWW article for full details! 👍

68 Whiskey 1×07 Reaction Post

Those who’ve been with us for a while already know how this works! Let us know what you thought of Tim’s appearance on episode 7 (“Mister Fix-It”) of Paramount Network’s 68 Whiskey! You can post your thoughts, opinions, speculation, etc. in the comments below.

Tim with Cristina Rodlo in episode 107 of 68 Whiskey.

Expect spoilers for the episode – if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

(The usual disclaimer: You do NOT need to register for an account to leave a comment, and your email address is for comment approval/anti-spam purposes only – it won’t be published or shared!)

68 Whiskey Preview

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (in the video only)!

Here’s the preview for this week’s episode of 68 Whiskey, guest-starring Tim as the Secretary of the Army! You can catch this episode on Wednesday, February 26, at 10 pm eastern on Paramount Network.

The preview is spoiler-ish regarding something that happens to Tim’s character – watch at your own risk.

(I pulled this from my DVR for us, so if you re-post elsewhere or use it for screencaps, a credit or link back would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!)