White Collar Farewell Season 6 interviews

USA Network has set up a farewell page for White Collar, in which you can rewatch season 5, test your knowledge of the show and watch exclusive interviews with Matt, Tim and Willie.

To make them more accessible to all, I’ve added those videos to TDK TV. You can watch them below.

WARNING: those videos contain a lot of images from season 6, that one might consider spoilerish. Also, high level of adorableness… The bromance is definitely not only on screen. 😉

Check out below more of Tim and Matt, and Willie’s interview as well.
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Tim to guest star in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Tim DeKay as Christian Ward in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

According to Zap2it, Tim will guest star in the TV series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, playing Grant Ward’s older brother, Christian, in what appears to be a rather unpleasant character… Tim will appear in the 6th episode of the second season, to be aired later this month (October 28th – to be confirmed).

Many thanks to Azertynin on Twitter for the heads-up.

‘Kiss Me Kate’ Premiere at Pasadena Playhouse

Yesterday, Tim attended the premiere of “Kiss Me, Kate” at the Pasadena Playhouse, in part to show support for his White Collar castmate (and Tony Award-winning legend), Ms. Diahann Carroll, who was honored with the Pasadena Playhouse’s 2014 Diversity Award. Also in attendance was White Collar creator and showrunner, Jeff Eastin.

I’ve added ten photos of Tim, Jeff, and Ms. Carroll to the gallery – I’ll add more if I come across any!

Tim at Pasadena Playhouse Tim and Ms. Carroll at Pasadena Playhouse Tim with Ms. Carroll and Jeff Eastin at Pasadena Playhouse

While searching for images from this event, I also found photos of the whole DeKay family attending a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy at Ziegfeld Theater on July 29. I’ve added those to the gallery as well!

DeKay family at Ziegfeld Theater

First season 6 promos!

Two teasers have appeared on the web, showing the first glimpses of season 6. Might be considered spoilery, watch at your own risk.

The first one has been released by @WhiteCollarUSA


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It’s a date! White Collar season 6 to premiere November 6th

The sixth and finale season of White Collar, counting 6 episodes, is set to premiere on November 6th on USA at 9/8c. Set your calendar, DVR and tissues and brace yourself for a hell of an exciting finale ride full of “twists, surprises and phenomenal performances” (J. Eastin).

Read more at Deadline (very vague spoilers)

Gallery Update: Monster Ark

Hello dear team!

I have finally added the screencaps from Monster Ark to the gallery. Now you can enjoy Tim the action hero wanabee Indiana Jones in all his glory!

They are large, though the quality isn’t that great since the film isn’t available anywhere in real HD (despite what the logo says).
In case you missed them before some promo stills are also in the gallery.

Pauly: New addition to the video gallery!

Our co-captain and great detective Daclaren has found a new video featuring Tim!

Pauly is a short film from 2003, written, directed and starring Michael Santorico. It’s also co-starring Tim, as Ted. And Tim’s father even makes a short appearance in the last scene, as the man in the restaurant.

You can watch it here. And of course, it is now accessible through the TDK TV [Series and Movies] section.

We have also added a 2010 interview of Tim, featuring Jamis and Danna to the [interview] section. And the 2 KTLA (2010 and 2012) videos have been updated with more reliable (Vimeo) links. Check them out if you had missed them, some really nice acting tips there. 😉

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hello, Team DeKay – you have ALL been challenged! 😀

Yesterday, Tim posted his ALS ice bucket challenge video on Instagram. And right around the same time, I was challenged by my stepson on Facebook!

Tim didn’t challenge anyone, but I am challenging my friend Pete Murnik, plus “White Collar” co-executive producer Jeff King, and I’m also issuing a blanket challenge to everyone from Team DeKay! So, if you’re reading this and you want to take the ALS ice bucket challenge, here’s how it works.

Technically, you’re supposed to either do the ice bucket part (dump a bucket of ice water over your head and donate $10) or donate $100 within 24 hours of being challenged, but I’m not a fan of such strict rules when it’s for such an important cause, so take all the time you need! Also, I’d encourage people to donate even if they decide to do the ice bucket part. If you do the challenge, please comment here or email us via the contact form to let us know!

To donate, or to find out more about ALS, please go to the ALS Association page. To see my video and Tim’s, click on “Continue reading” below. Thank you! <3

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And that’s a wrap!

Filming of Season 6 is over!

Don’t be too sad, the good news is, now there are six brand new episodes that are waiting for us! 🙂 (Yes, I’m trying to hold on to my optimist nature…)


The entire White Collar team on monday 4th of August, courtesy of Tiffani Thiessen.


And look Socialite Life just reposted my Thank You message to the cast and crew. 🙂 We’re officially getting famous!