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  1. Hello to anyone who is here. I’ve just discovered this site, and have a question…Other than the USANetwork site, is there a site that you’d recommend for livestreaming these final episodes? I don’t have cable, so I’ve always had to rely on Hulu (or DVDs a year later, heaven forbid). But Hulu episodes arrive 14-30 days after airdate, and with these being the final episodes….I highly doubt I can wait that long. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any other legal way to watch the episodes. Can’t you watch them on USA Network? They’re available there. At least the first episode is.

      1. Hello, Aragarna. It looks like I’d need a cable provider in order to log in on USANetwork, so it’s not an option, unfortunately..I discovered WC on network TV as re-runs a few yrs back, but had to buy Seasons 1-3 on DVD to catch up. Then during Seasons 4-5, I had to wait a month after each ep & catch it on Hulu. Thanks for trying, though.

        1. I’m not familiar with the USA site habits, but the first episode of S6 is available right now on the site for anyone to watch.

          1. Oh my gosh, it just worked! Thanks to both of you. YES, I hope they continue to do this after each episode, too. Since this was the premiere, I don’t know…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Pleaaaaaase. ha. 🙂

  2. Also, if it’s OK, could I add my thoughts on the finale? (I’m sure you’ve covered this ground already)..Basically, although I saw a lot of things that the show could’ve improved on production-wise, I was SO fascinated by the capers and the heists, by Neal’s personality, and most of all…by the amazing relationship that he & Peter had. The comedic moments were the best. Tim & Matt are just so good together. I’m very sad see it all end, and I hope that the “shocking, emotional” ending isn’t what I’m thinking it could be. I’ve prepared myself for almost anything, but if any of the characters aren’t alive at the end…I could never be prepared enough for that.

    I’ve watched the interviews, and read what Jeff Eastin said, trying to get any hints that I could. lol. So Matt said it’ll be a cliffhanger left to our imaginations; Willie said the audience will be satisfied with how all the characters find closure; Tim said fans will like the final season (although he was really good about not giving clues about the final episode); and Jeff said characters were crying at the end, & he hopes nobody hates him for how it all turns out. lol. I dunno…

    But I’m glad that Tim & Matt seem to have a great friendship of their own. My hope would be that, like Neal & Peter, they’ll always find time to be in each others’ lives somehow…Thanks for letting me post.

    1. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

      I can’t see them killing off any of the main cast. I know the actors had at least some input into the way the series ended, and they know how devoted the fans are to their characters, so I don’t know that they’d agree to something that drastic and heart-wrenching.

      I’m hoping that the characters’ tears are for a good reason and not a bad one. It may be naive, but I’m willing to let myself believe that until I see what plays out. And JE always seems worried that some people will hate what he does (possibly a result of what he deals with personally; I deal with something similar and often have thoughts along these same lines), but he does also say the finale is a “love letter” to fans.

      And I, too, love the off-set friendships – not just Tim and Matt, but the others as well. Tim and Willie are very close, and Tiffani has just said that Tim, Willie, and Sharif will be her guests on an upcoming episode of “Dinner at Tiffani’s” (and posted a photo to prove it). Some of the cast & crew also got together at Tim’s for a premiere viewing party on Thursday. Awesome cast is awesome! <3

      Since you brought up Jeff's interview, I also wanted to mention that I love that he's teasing prequels! Others on Twitter have said that they'd be open to re-joining the team if they made a TV movie or something (Sandy Bookstaver is one - https://twitter.com/SBookstaver/status/530394777271816192). Love this idea!

      Thanks again for weighing in, and feel free to jump in anytime!

      1. Thanks for your reply, Daclaren-and for the welcome. I won’t always have time to post. But obviously, this is an emotional time for fans. So I’ve just needed to vent, I guess. ha.

        I’m really glad to hear that they’re all able to (and wanting to) keep spending quality time together! Yes, you can tell how tight the whole group is, & that they really enjoy each other’s company.

        That’s why the finale is even harder to swallow, emotionally, for me. It’s hard enough for the fans; but these guys are a real family, so I’m sure it must’ve been VERY hard on them. Apparently, the end came sooner than everyone expected. I can’t imagine being told, “This awesome experience will only last 6 more weeks. And you might never see some of these people again.”

        This has also made me understand a few sacrifices that actors make. It’d be soo hard going from audition to audition, from project to project; not being anywhere long enough to make close attachments. And if you’re lucky enough to find a job where you CAN make those attachments, it can all be taken away “just like that.”. Not to mention the time away from “real” family, and the demands from the business itself..oy.

        I don’t know much about JE, so thanks for the info. I’m going to hope along with you that the tears are happy tears. I REALLY hope you’re right about the main characters staying alive. ‘Cuz if Neal gives his life for Peter – or visa versa- I’m going to be mad at ALL of them…including Matt! ha. Honestly, more than anything, I just want a happy ending, and not a tragic one.

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