Tim Attends Performance of ‘Drop Dead Perfect’

Broadway World is reporting that Tim attended a performance of ‘Drop Dead Perfect’ at the Theatre at St. Clements, then stopped backstage after to meet with the actors. The article includes more info about the play, as well as photos of Tim with actors Everett Quinton and Michael Keyloun.

For more information – as well as photos – check out Broadway World’s article. (I’ve also uploaded the photos to the gallery.)

Michael, Everett, and Tim

Tim with Michael Keyloun and Everett Quinton.

Join the conversation on season 6!

Hello all!

As some of you were looking for a place to discuss season 6, I’ve added a couple of threads to the forum, related to season 6 of White Collar, in a brand new season 6 section.

Come join the conversation on what you’re hoping for the last season, discuss spoilers or share pictures from the set.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

A Dream Come True

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that, though I’d dreamed of one day visiting a White Collar set and meeting Tim, I don’t think I ever really expected it to happen. Elr and I had spoken about it briefly on her LJ, but after some medical and financial setbacks, a trip to NYC looked to be next to impossible.

However, thanks to Elr’s wonderful generosity (and my very understanding husband), I was able to take a very quick trip up to NYC to attempt a set visit on Monday, July 21. We only had a window of a few hours, but they turned out to be the right few hours, and we were lucky enough to see both Tim and Sharif in Long Island City!

I’ll admit that seeing Tim in person left me mostly speechless – and shaking like a leaf when we took photos – but it was an absolutely amazing experience! Tim is a true sweetheart and was very generous with his time, coming out (from the fenced-in area where they were filming) twice to chat and take photos with fans. The second time, Sharif came along out, and I was able to get a photo with him and congratulate him on his engagement. He, too, is very sweet and outgoing! 🙂

Click “continue reading” to check out my photos with Tim and Sharif! (More photos of Tim from this visit will be posted in the gallery soon.)

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Tim on set of White Collar Season 6

As Daclaren mentioned in the previous post, last week, I had the chance to meet Tim while he was filming episode 6×04 of White Collar. Always a sweetheart, Tim stopped by for pictures and to chat a bit with us.

Tim on the set of White Collar, July 11th 2014

My photos of gentleman Tim are in the gallery, as well as Eldorah’s, who we incidently met on set and who was kind enough to share her pictures with us. Thank you Eldorah!

Tim, with Matt and Willie, on the set of White Collar, June 9th 2014

Stay tuned for further updates as Kanarek and Elr were also at the party!

And also, don’t miss Sasayaka’s pictures of Tim on set from June 27th 2014. Loads of great shots there!

An Endorsement From the Man Himself

On what looks to have been an awesome trip to NY, Team DeKay’s own Aragarna managed to get the best possible endorsement for our fansite! Check it out!

Tim and Aragarna Tim with Aragarna on July 11, 2014. Best endorsement ever! <3[/caption] Thank you sooo much, Ara and Tim! This is so amazing that I don't even know where to begin! <3 More to come when Ara returns from her trip!

Fourth of July Photos from the DeKay Family

Tim is spending the July 4th holiday with his wonderful family and took a moment to post a few photos on Twitter:

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a nice Independence Day!

Happy Birthday, Tim!

As you already know, today is Tim’s birthday! Happy, happy birthday, Tim!!

We are still collecting birthday messages for Tim in the comments on this post – if you haven’t left one and still want to, please do! Just click the link and leave a comment!

Here are just a few of the many birthday wishes Tim has received on Twitter today. (One of these tweets is obviously mine!)

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