White Collar Farewell Season 6 interviews

USA Network has set up a farewell page for White Collar, in which you can rewatch season 5, test your knowledge of the show and watch exclusive interviews with Matt, Tim and Willie.

To make them more accessible to all, I’ve added those videos to TDK TV. You can watch them below.

WARNING: those videos contain a lot of images from season 6, that one might consider spoilerish. Also, high level of adorableness… The bromance is definitely not only on screen. 😉

Check out below more of Tim and Matt, and Willie’s interview as well.

Many thanks to my partner in crime Daclaren for the videos.

15 Comments on “White Collar Farewell Season 6 interviews”

  1. Thanks so much for this!!!!!!!!! I tried the website and since I am in Canada these vids were not geographically available to me.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂
      I’m in the US now, so I didn’t have any problem but given that from France I couldn’t watch any of their videos, I figured it was probably the case again.

    2. You’re welcome – so glad to help with this! This (the “geo-locking”) is one of the reasons I wanted to make these available to everyone ASAP. I was able to pull them from USA’s site, and then Ara posted them to TDK TV – definitely a team effort! 😀

    1. You’re welcome – and they’re great, aren’t they?! Love all of the S6 snippets, and it was so much fun to see Tim and Matt sharing interview space again! I love how they play off of each other. <3

  2. Thank you both so much! I’m in Ohio, and I couldn’t see the videos. I spent one hour last night trying every sight and app and device I own, but no luck, so this is so great!

    These vids are not only just what I wanted, they are just what I needed to see. I hate spoilers, but I needed to watch these, and I am not sorry. So many “fans” that I used to follow on Twitter and tumblr and lj have been so negative that I had to sort of clean house, if you know what I mean, so I really needed to see my boys being optimistic and together and normal, so thanks again.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! And I think you’ll find some others (myself included) who totally agree with you about the negativity. Looks like there will be a great dynamic between the guys this season – definitely looking forward to it!

    2. You’re very welcome car8. I know exactly what you mean about all the negativity and I’m totally with you. We swear we’ll stay on the positive and happy side here! 🙂

  3. Thank so much for posting this! 🙂

    I’m probably one of those people who have been rather negative during/after Season 5, not becose I fell out of love with the show, but there was always this uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of my stomach. Now this incredible bromance betweet Matt and Tim is a soothing balm for any lingering tension, and these interviews make me feel really hopeful about Season 6. I like that according to Willie, the show ends in a satisfying place for all the main three characters. Now I have that childish glee back and I can’t wait for November. Thanks!!!

    1. Those interviews are awesome, aren’t they? Bromance on and off camera. 😉
      I am sooo excited for season 6! And so curious about that ending they keep talking about…
      4 littles weeks to go! 😉

  4. Man, these were sweeeeet. I’d really like to believe they’re all as close as they appear -I’m usually guilty of projecting in that regard.

    1. Given that they usually all go to each other’s red carpets or charity events, and from the tweets from the last week of filming, I feel like they truly are close. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much sweetie for this. Al though I’m really sad the show is ending it’s good to see our boys together again with lots of bromance.

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