White Collar Promo Stills – 6×02 and 6×03

The promo stills for White Collar episode 6×03, “Uncontrolled Variables,” have just been released! I posted the smaller, watermarked versions in the gallery – when the larger, non-watermarked versions are released, I’ll replace these! Edited to add: replaced the watermarked images with larger, non-watermarked ones on 11-8-14!

WC 6x03 Promo Photo

Speaking of which, I’ve replaced the 6×02 stills with non-watermarked versions as well. These are still medium-quality (809×538), but they’re larger than the ones we had before, and no watermarks. As usual, I’ll replace them if I find HQ versions. (If anyone has access to the HQ versions and would like to donate them, please contact me using the contact button in the sidebar.) Edited to add: replaced these images and the ones from 6×01 and 6×03 with larger versions on 11-8-14! Still looking for HQ versions, though.

WC 6x02 Gallery

We’ve also been doing plenty of other updates to the gallery, especially the White Collar section. Ara has been uploading screen captures, and I uploaded the S1-S5 cast promo photos. We will continue to fill in and update the gallery, so be sure to check back often! 🙂

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