New Second Chance Trailer and Cast Photo

Fox has released yet another new (longer this time) trailer for Second Chance, as well as a new cast photo!

As you can see, both this trailer and the other recently-released one are focusing more on the father-son relationship between Tim’s character and Rob Kazinsky’s, which is great news. And judging by Tim’s “position” in the new cast photo (right up front with Rob), it looks like we’ll be seeing quite a bit of him!

Here’s the photo, courtesy of TV Insider.

(Click for the UHQ version in our gallery!)

And Ara has added some screencaps from both of the recent trailers to our gallery – check them out here!

Second Chance premieres Wednesday, January 13 on FOX at 9 pm eastern.

3 Comments on “New Second Chance Trailer and Cast Photo”

  1. The Second Chance trailer which aired during tonight’s episode of Empire was a slightly different edit from the two trailers we’ve seen, and included a different shot of Tim. It–and Tim–looked great!

    1. Is that Tim saying “who the hell are you” ?

      Cause, damn it, I’ve been watching Fox all the time just to catch the promos, but watched something else last night, so didn’t catch Empire.

      But at least, I’m really pleased to see Fox is heavily promoting it.

  2. Just realized that with Philip Baker Hall cast as the corrupt cop, this series is a reunion of iconic Seinfeld characters. Tim famously was Bizarro Jerry and Hall was the hilariously and tersely earnest library cop, Bookman.

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