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  1. Now I’m getting excited! If this trailer is indicative of the show’s tone, it will be darker than White Collar, which is what I was hoping. I like the focus on family in this trailer too, as opposed to the first trailer which concentrated more on Rob’s character’s physical reconstruction.

    I’ll be looking to see how often Fox airs this trailer. I’m a huge fan of Empire (which currently airs in the Second Chance time slot) and although my own viewing choices are an eclectic mix across several genres/styles, I don’t necessarily think Second Chance will attract the same audience as Empire. I’ll be happy if it can draw an audience half the size of Empire’s (which would put it in the 5 to 6 million range, enough for renewal). I’m also hoping for a big promotional push on Sundays during NFL programming.

    1. Yes, it’s likely going to be darker than White Collar, but I hope it’ll still be character-oriented enough.

      It aired yesterday during a Bones commercial break. Hopefully it’ll get the same fair share of promo as X-Files and Lucifer.

      1. Fox Network’s newer shows tend to focus on character even when plot-heavy. Since Second Chance is created by people associated with Homeland and 24, I’m guessing the characters will be complex and the mythology convoluted (which one should expect from a science fiction/mystery thriller/police procedural).

        Judging by what we see of Duval Pritchard in the trailer, he’s not a carbon copy of Peter Burke, which was one of my concerns when Tim signed on to play another FBI agent. I love, cherish, adore Peter Burke, but creatively I hope Duval is different enough for the two characters to be distinct. Duval is a single dad who apparently carries much emotional baggage left by his not-so-dearly departed father. I’m guessing he’ll be more internally conflicted than Peter, although I also think he’ll share Peter’s near infallible instinct and desire for justice.

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