2 Comments on “Second Chance episode 101, A Suitable Donor, promo photos”

  1. A shorter trailer aired during American Horror Story: Hotel tonight, with a couple shots of Tim that we’ve seen in other trailers. Fox appears to be promoting Second Chance pretty hard, and I’m glad to see the new stills and promotional photos.

    And it was a little strange but kind of nice to see Matt and Tim on my TV in the same hour on the same channel, albeit for different shows.

    1. Oh that’s great! 🙂
      I had seen promos for X-Files and Lucifer on FX but not Second Chance. Glad they’re promoting it too.

      They have different lengths for the promo, but Tim’s scenes are always the same, so we didn’t post all of them here. In addition to the 2 we posted, there’s the very very short and the little less short, both ended with “I’m a man with a second chance”.

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