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May 15 Update: We’ve also added captures from the Friends episode!

White Collar season 3 screencaps have finally been added to the gallery. The Extensive White Collar gallery is now complete!

Screencaptures, HQ promo stills and set photos from the film Peaceful Warrior have also been added, as well as screencaptures from The Chumscrubber. Screencaptures are courtesy of Kanarek.

In addition, we have also added HQ pictures of Tim’s Commencement speech at LeMoyne College May 16, 2010. Photos are courtesy of LeMoyne college.

We’ve added a cast photo and the first promo still to the Frankenstein Code gallery, as well as replaced the previously posted promo picture with the HQ version.

HQ stills from the Agents of Shield have also been substituted and three behind the scene shots of episode 2×08 have been added.

Last but not least, thanks to the awesome Kanarek, screencaptures of all episodes of season one of Carnivale have also been added to the gallery!




Best Man Wins to close Seattle International Film Festival

Best Man Wins has been selected as part of the ShortsFest Closing Night program of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) May 25th, 2015.

More info, and tickets at the SIFF website.
If you’re in the Seattle area, go see it! And then, report to us. 🙂

Many thanks to director Stéphane Dumonceau himself for the heads-up!

We were at the Best Man Wins premiere

My friend PL and I went together at the Best Man Wins premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last Friday. Tim was set to attend, but unfortunately was held up at the last minute by the filming of Frankenstein, to his great disappointment (and director Stéphane Dumonceau’s).

The venue was very casual, and we got to chat with director Stéphane Dumonceau and co-writer Frederick Waterman. Both were very nice with us, and didn’t seem put off by our great love for their lead actor, making us travel from Madison and Upstate New York to see their film.

Left, with Stéphane Dumonceau. Right, with Frederick Waterman.

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Best Man Wins at USA Film Festival in Dallas

Best Man Wins, which premiered tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, will also be shown as part of next week’s USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX!

It’s part of the 8-film ‘Narrative Films 1’ program, which takes place on Thursday, April 23 at 7 pm at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. This is a free admission program! For more info, check out these links:

USA Film Festival
Full Schedule of Programs (PDF) – info about the showing of Best Man Wins is on page 3

If you’re able to attend, we’d love to hear what you thought of Best Man Wins!

I’ve also added ten Best Man Wins captures to the gallery, all courtesy of Gonella Productions.

BMW capture

A load of updates in the Gallery!

Hello all TDK fans!
Daclaren and I have been working on a lot of uploads to the image gallery!

Screencaptures (1080p) from the Big Ol’ Texas Feast episode of Dinner at Tiffani’s are now available, as well as screencaptures (720p) from the Best Man Wins trailer.

We’ve also added screencaptures (1080p) from the 2007 Numb3rs episode Tim guest starred in. Many thanks to Kanarek13 for providing all those sets.

Promo stills of medium quality for Body of Proof are now available.

Promo stills and posters of various quality from season 1 and season 2 of Carnivale have been added,

as well as a few medium stills and a poster of Big Eden.

Finally, make sure to regularly check the White Collar galleries, as we are still in the process to add screencaptures from season 1 and season 2.

Enjoy! 🙂

Various video and interview updates

Three interviews from different years, all White Collar related, have been added to the interview section of TDK TV:

Tim – ConnTV – Nov. 17 2014
Tim – Good Day LA – Jan. 18 2010
Tim – TV Guide – Oct. 27 2009

The trailer of Best Man Wins in HQ has also been added to the film section (short films category).

Best Man Wins – Tribeca Schedule & Trailer

Thanks to Tim himself for the heads-up on this! Tribeca has posted the schedule for Tim’s short film, Best Man Wins, as well as a wonderful trailer! Check it out at this link:

Best Man Wins | 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

And here’s the trailer – this looks great! Chances are good that we’ll actually get to see this one at some point, too!

Edit: I added three promotional stills to the gallery – click the beautiful image below to see the rest!

Best Man Wins promo still

Best Man Wins to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Best Man Wins, the short film starring Tim and Francois Vincentelli, and directed by Stephane Dumonceau, will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April!

Best Man Wins will be shown as part of the festival’s NY Double Espresso – Narrative Program group. The festival runs from April 15-26.

This is great news, as it makes it more likely that we’ll actually get to see this film at some point! Congratulations and good luck to all involved!

Best Man Wins

TDK TV is back up

Hey everyone!

TDK TV is back up and running. All videos have been re-uploaded (except for Agents of SHIELD for now). All videos from TV shows and movies are now password-protected to prevent any future troubles. The password for all those videos is noted on the Series and Movies page.

If there is still anything not working, please let us know, we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

For the safety and longevity of this collection, please, DO NOT SHARE those links with anyone, anywhere. Thank you.