Best Man Wins to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Best Man Wins, the short film starring Tim and Francois Vincentelli, and directed by Stephane Dumonceau, will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April!

Best Man Wins will be shown as part of the festival’s NY Double Espresso – Narrative Program group. The festival runs from April 15-26.

This is great news, as it makes it more likely that we’ll actually get to see this film at some point! Congratulations and good luck to all involved!

Best Man Wins

8 Comments on “Best Man Wins to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival”

  1. That is great news! Tribeca is one of the higher-profile independent film festivals, so I’ll be anxious to hear the reception from audiences.

  2. This is great! 🙂
    I hope it’ll make more screenings in the future. Or that it’ll be available in some way.

    1. I’ll post the date as soon as they post their schedule. Wish Tim was going to be there…then I’d be tempted to make the trip as well. 🙂

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