Tim DeKay to star in Fox’s Frankenstein

According to Deadline, Tim is set to co-star as an FBI Agent in Fox’s new pilot, Frankenstein, alongside Rob Kazinsky.

Here is their summary of the pitch:

Taking inspiration from the basic Mary Shelley mythology of a man brought back to life by scientists playing God, Frankenstein centers on Ray Pritchard (Hall), a morally corrupt retired cop who is given a second chance at life when he is brought back from the dead. Privy to information only a dead man could possess, this former Marine and L.A. County Sheriff (Kazinsky) teams with his son, FBI Agent Duval Pritchard (DeKay), to take down the bad guys. However, though his body is new, his thoughts and desires are of a 75-year-old badass curmudgeon.

Many thanks to Tim DeKay Fan on Facebook for the heads-up!

4 Comments on “Tim DeKay to star in Fox’s Frankenstein”

  1. Great news! It comes as absolutely no surprise that Tim landed a lead role so quickly, but now I’ll be waiting anxiously for news that Fox has actually been picked up the series (which I assume will be announced at the May upfronts).

  2. Does anyone know when the shooting starts and where? If there is no White Collar shooting this year, watching Tim shooting something else would be the next best thing.

    1. I believe they’re set to shoot around spring/summer, but I’m not sure if this is just the Pilot, or a full season.

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