TDK TV is back up

Hey everyone!

TDK TV is back up and running. All videos have been re-uploaded (except for Agents of SHIELD for now). All videos from TV shows and movies are now password-protected to prevent any future troubles. The password for all those videos is noted on the Series and Movies page.

If there is still anything not working, please let us know, we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

For the safety and longevity of this collection, please, DO NOT SHARE those links with anyone, anywhere. Thank you.

7 Comments on “TDK TV is back up”

  1. Thanks for this. You have quite a collection. There were a couple I hadn’t seen, and I even rewatched a few I that I had seen before. I really enjoyed watching Cupid this way rather than as 5 separate youtube videos.

    1. I still wish we had Cupid in a better quality, but at least we have it! 🙂
      Glad you’re enjoying the collection 🙂

  2. Thank you! This is so helpful! When I started watching White Collar a few months ago, I recognized Tim from his two guest spots on Sports Night, one of my all-time favorite shows (which I own on DVD). Numb3rs is also a favorite (I own that on DVD too). The rest I’m catching up on, especially his longer term roles…Carnivale is both fantastic and fascinating (and I’m only halfway through season 1), and I’m really looking forward to watching Tell Me You Love Me and Party of Five, both series of which were already on my watch-list. I’m trying to stretch it out, not watch everything at once. It’s helping me cope with White Collar separation anxiety.

    1. ah lucky you! Still in the process of discovering all those treasures!
      Carnivale is definitely one of Tim’s greatest roles. And he’s adorable in Tell Me You Love Me. 🙂


      1. I’d seen his appearance on Friends too, and who hasn’t seen Seinfeld (everyone remembers Bizarro Jerry, but most people forget Tim appeared in the previous episode as well).

        Speaking of Seinfeld, Tim’s worked on each of Julia-Louis Dreyfuss’s shows, including New Adventures of Old Christine, so why not keep the streak going with a guest/recurring/regular spot on HBO’s political comedy, VEEP.

  3. Impressive body of episodic work. I am hoping to see Tim star with Parrick Warburton, preferably playing siblings in a comedy/dramedy. I can see them having such great chemistry.

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