Gallery Update – Comic Con 2010 Shoot

Individual photos of Tim – 13 in all – from Michael Muller’s San Diego Comic Con 2010 photo shoot have been added to the gallery. We’ve all seen the photos of Tim with Matt from this shoot, and I’d seen individual photos of Matt. It was great to finally see some of Tim’s solo shots!

Tim at SDCC 2010 Tim at SDCC 2010

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      1. You were there?? Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! Great to hear that they were so excited…Knowing that, though, is bittersweet to me. I’m glad they had great times together, but I’m sad for them that it’s in the past. BTW, those pics of Tim really are nice.

  1. San Diego Comic Con is a very big deal, and I’m happy the cast was invited to attend in 2010–I wish they’d been invited more often. The clips on YouTube are fun to watch simply because they’re having so much fun. These photos are great too!

    And, Josie, I have a feeling that those great times are not over, despite the show being over.

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