Happy 25th Anniversary, Elisa & Tim!

Today, Tim and Elisa are celebrating their 25th (or ‘silver’) wedding anniversary!! These two are such a sweet and beautiful couple, and they deserve all of the joy that a love like theirs brings! Here’s wishing them many more years of happiness together! <3 Happy Anniversary, Elisa and Tim

(Photos courtesy of the DeKays, George Holz, & ABM Photography. Silver heart background by gloeckchen on DeviantArt.)

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  1. Tim DeKay was excellent in White Collar. He was funny, endearing, and very real in his role. My husband and I are re-watching the series to see if we missed anything. The expressions and jesters of Mr DeKay are very real and we hope to see more of him in good television viewing. Now come on…bring it on!!! And by the way, he has a very blessed wife and family!

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