An Endorsement From the Man Himself

On what looks to have been an awesome trip to NY, Team DeKay’s own Aragarna managed to get the best possible endorsement for our fansite! Check it out!

Tim and Aragarna Tim with Aragarna on July 11, 2014. Best endorsement ever! <3[/caption] Thank you sooo much, Ara and Tim! This is so amazing that I don't even know where to begin! <3 More to come when Ara returns from her trip!

6 Comments on “An Endorsement From the Man Himself”

  1. Thank you for posting it for me! I tried earlier but I couldn’t get imgur to cooperate from the tablet…. *facepalm*

    Just to be accurate, despite the apparence, Tim didn’t made the sign. I had it ready. He just happened to have my pen because he was signing autographs. 😉

    But seriously, isn’t he like the sweetest guy on Earth?

  2. I have to wait for Ara return but I can saythat the time we spent talking with Tim let me ( and I don’t think just me!!) absolutely stunned ….Tim is really a very Kind and amazing person

  3. Hey, I heard Tim gave his birthday video “Tim DeKay, I’m addicted to you” two thumbs up, too. Wonder how he heard about it.

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