Tim on set of White Collar Season 6

As Daclaren mentioned in the previous post, last week, I had the chance to meet Tim while he was filming episode 6×04 of White Collar. Always a sweetheart, Tim stopped by for pictures and to chat a bit with us.

Tim on the set of White Collar, July 11th 2014

My photos of gentleman Tim are in the gallery, as well as Eldorah’s, who we incidently met on set and who was kind enough to share her pictures with us. Thank you Eldorah!

Tim, with Matt and Willie, on the set of White Collar, June 9th 2014

Stay tuned for further updates as Kanarek and Elr were also at the party!

And also, don’t miss Sasayaka’s pictures of Tim on set from June 27th 2014. Loads of great shots there!

9 Comments on “Tim on set of White Collar Season 6”

  1. So sweet – would love to know how they’re all holding up in these final days – he’s pretty quiet on the twitter front.

  2. Thanks for all the amazing pictures!!
    I wasn’t so lucky to see him fiilming outside but my meeting with Tim was priceless!!
    Free to post also my photos ( just cut me off!!)

  3. I didn’t get to meet him this year. That was the only sad thing I can say about my visit this year in New York. (That and the epic sunburn I got while waiting 6 hours at a set…) I have to admit I’m a bit jealous seeing all those photos with him. A bit in the meaning of huge, blazing, monstrous…

    1. Awww I’m sorry you didn’t catch him. ***hugs to you***
      At least you have the pictures. 🙂
      And who knows, you might get luckier in the future, it’s not the last we’ll see of Tim!

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