Happy Birthday, Tim!

For those who didn’t see the various posts on Instagram from us and others, today is Tim’s birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Tim! We hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead (and beyond) full of love and laughter and everything good!

Here are the birthday images we posted to Instagram – the collage is mine (Daclaren), and Aragarna made the sweet edit!

Edit of an image of Tim DeKay from the series Here and Now, with the words Happy Birthday Tim and a kiss on his cheek.

Leave your birthday wishes for Tim in the comments or on our Instagram post! 🙂

7 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Tim!”

  1. Happy birthday to Tim, happy birthday to me! Can’t think of a better person to share a birthday with!!!

    1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you’ve had a great one!

      Coincidentally enough, I share a birthday with Tim’s wife, Elisa! I like to joke that Tim will always remember my birthday. 😉 (Also, my husband’s birthday is in four days, and he was born a year earlier than Tim – for four days of the year, he and Tim are the same age.)

      1. That’s so cool! Yes Tim should be able to remember your birthday! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy early birthday to your husband! Another fellow Gemini! We are a little crazy to live with as I’m sure you know! Lol

  2. Happy Birthday, Tim! (Also to Kristen Gardner, happy Birthday) you guys also share it with Anne Frank 🙂 hope you have fun today!

    1. Thanks so much! I just found out myself that I share with Anne Frank. Puts life in perspective!

  3. Happy birthday Tim! May you enjoy another year of good fortune, good friends, great excitement, and most of all great fun and laughter. Cheers to you 👍🍹

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