Tim’s first RMWP shout-out video is here

Many of you have probably seen this already on social media, but I wanted to post it here as well!

Today, Tim posted the first of his Real Men Wear Pink shout-out videos for people who donated over $25 to his campaign and sent us their donation confirmations!

There’s still time to enter – click here to go to our page about Tim’s campaign! After you’ve donated on Tim’s campaign page, forward your confirmation email to us or email us a screenshot of your donation confirmation (pink at teamdekay.org), and you’ll be entered into the raffle for some awesome prizes!

If you donate over $25, you’ll automatically qualify for a mention in Tim’s next shout-out video – and if you donate over $100, you’ll get a call from Tim himself! (You can also choose to commission a fanfic or fan art if you’d prefer that over the raffle entries; we’ve had a great response to this option so far!)

Thanks so much to all of those who have donated so far!

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