Real Men Wear Pink – Raffle Extended

Raffle Extended to November 30

If you were wondering why we didn’t have a big announcement about the end of the raffle entry period, here’s why – we’ve decided to extend the raffle period until November 30! You still have time to enter!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to this link and click on the donation button. That will take you to Tim’s official Real Mean Wear Pink/ACS donation page.
  2. Email a screenshot of your donation confirmation email – or forward the email itself – to! (Let us know if you want to be entered into the raffle, or if you’d like to commission a fanwork instead – or both! You can also choose to be entered only for certain prizes. Just let us know before December 1!)
  3. You’re done – thank you for your donation! ☺

This will be the only extension! We’ll be drawing for raffle prizes within the first week of December, so hopefully, everything will be received in time for the holidays.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at the above address! And thanks again to everyone who has already donated, as well as everyone who has donated prizes and offered fanworks. We truly appreciate how everyone has come together to make this a success!

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