Tim on HBO’s Ballers

More news – I’m finally getting to post about this one! I’d originally heard that Tim was supposed to make an appearance on an episode of HBO’s Ballers back in August, but HBO never got back to my request for more info, and it wasn’t available on their website, on IMDb, etc. I didn’t want to post about it without knowing which episode, and unfortunately, the info wasn’t available until after the episode aired. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I found out today that it actually aired last Thursday, but it’s still available to stream on HBO’s website. It’s episode 7 of the current season (four), and Tim plays Todd Richardson. I’ve posted a few of my own quick captures on Instagram, and I’ll post a couple below, but we’ll have Ara’s much better caps available in the gallery soon!

Tim as Todd Richardson on HBO's Ballers

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