Follow The River is looking for investors

Follow the River is looking for investors and will hold a fundraising event in Santa Fe on April 29th and 30th. If you are interested in investing in this film, you can contact Emergence Films for details.

You can learn more about Follow the River on Rachel Noll’s website, as well as Slated.

Slated also released a teaser video, containing exclusive footages shot in preparation for the film. (Note that this video is a couple years old, and does not mean the movie itself is actually being filmed yet.) The video is available at the site, and screencaptures of the new footages are available in the gallery.

2 Comments on “Follow The River is looking for investors”

  1. Would be great if they’d do a crowd funding. I wouldn’t mind chipping in a few Dollars but I most certainly don’t have the money to fund a complete movie.
    But, other crowd funding campaigns offered very nice stuff, like on-location meet-and-greet, extra appearances…
    A girl can dream

  2. Best thing is Kickstarter and undiegogo…many can afford a bit and want to help. Cool stuff at lower levels is important…see what Blue SkybRiders did and also Junkie the film… Help us help you!

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