Best Man Wins featured in American Cinematographer

In their November 2015 issue, the magazine American Cinematographer featured a ‘behind the scene’ look into the making of Best Man Wins.

The full article is available in the magazine section of the gallery (as jpeg files) or here (as a PDF file). The pictures shown in the article have also been added separately to the film’s image gallery.

6 Comments on “Best Man Wins featured in American Cinematographer”

  1. In addition to Tim’s tour de force performance, the technical aspects of shooting so much on green screen in such a compressed time frame is truly impressive.

    1. I would still have prefered if they had come to Paris to film, but I might be a little biased… 😉

      1. Paris would be great. Less than 5 hours by train. Much cheaper than air ticket to the US. And then your generous offer to host the cast! Did you send them an email?

        1. LOL no, unfortunately, I learned about this too late… I lived in Paris at the time, but not anymore, so I’m fine with green screens. 😉

          Where are you living?

    1. If only they had talked to me. I would have happily welcomed them all in my tiny tiny parisian apartment. 😉

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