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  1. Hmmm, I don’t see tonight’s ep. up anywhere so leaving my little comment here. I do love me some Tim DeKay – “Don’t you have a tank to go back in?” made me laugh out loud. You have to wonder if it’s an intentional White Collar anvil with the CI bit; I grinned like an idiot. Tim as a dad is something to behold, Duval all angry, drinking and yelling at Gracie, so not Peter Burke. I think I love the parental aspect of the show more than anything else and wish they had the chance to really mine that. Tim and Rob really hit their stride this episode I thought, showing great chemistry. Each ep. is a gift at this point…who knows how long it will last but I’ll feast my eyes on the man as long as I have him. He’s just the best. I want so much for him.

    1. Sorry it’s taking us too long to make the post. Working on the post now! (Took us a bit to recover from tonight’s episode 😉 )

      Post is up!
      Totally agree with you about the parental aspect of the show. I do hope we’ll see a bit more of Gracie in the future.

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