Tim at the Second Chance TCA Panel

Tim and the cast of Second Chance appeared today at Fox’s Television Critics Association panel for the show. We don’t know whether or not they’ll release video of the panel, but we’ve already seen lots of great photos and tweets!

I’ve added the images to the gallery.

They also tweeted a cute animation of Tim with “Arthur” and a Rob build-a-head. 😀

Here are a few of the tweets from the panel. I haven’t included any of the spoilery ones, although there was at least one big one involving Duval.

It was great to see Tim back at the TCAs again, and it looked like he and the cast had a blast!!

In the group photos, the panel attendees from left to right are: Vanessa Lengies, Adhir Kalyan, Dilshad Vadsaria, Tim, Rob Kazinsky, creator/EP Rand Ravitch, EP Howard Gordon, and EP Donald Todd.

Remember, Second Chance airs Wednesdays at 9 pm / 8 central on FOX, right after American Idol! You can also watch the latest episodes on Fox NOW.

3 Comments on “Tim at the Second Chance TCA Panel”

    1. One more thing…

      Watching the Second Chance pilot, seeing these photos, reading the press releases a little over a year after White Collar ended before anyone was ready, remind me of a line from the White Collar episode 4×01 “Wanted”: “A hard ending maketh for a good beginning.”

      Second Chance’s beginning hasn’t been quite as good as I would’ve liked, especially the ratings and critical reception, but I’m hoping the best is yet to come.

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