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After a Christmas sneak peek, Second Chance officially premiered tonight. What did you think of it? Do you think Jimmy will make the best of his second chance? How long do you think it’ll take for Duval to figure things out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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10 Comments on “Second Chance 1×01 Reaction Post”

  1. It was really great to see it on TV. Live, real TV makes it even better. Or maybe it’s just the size of my big TV – never been so happy to have bought one last fall. 🙂 HD and big screens definitely benefit Tim’s acting.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the different storylines will develop and I really like the cast.

  2. The second viewing was as compelling as the first, especially the interactions among the Pritchard family members and it is my hope those relationships will develop further, not just Duval/Jimmy, but Jimmy/Gracie and Duval/Gracie. Jimmy’s daughter Helen, who obviously has her own Daddy issues, expands and further complicates the family dynamics. My favorite scene was the meeting between Jimmy and Duval outside Duval’s house, my second favorite the family scene at the beginning in Jimmy’s apartment. Lovely stuff between Gracie and Jimmy– I just want to carry Ciaro Bravo around in my pocket. She’s adorable. I like that Gracie’s an athlete, and that Coach Tim can, once again, do his thing for the cameras.

    The pilot packs almost too much information into 43 minutes, and I am concerned that Second Chance might be trying to be or do too much (especially considering that this is a case-of-the-week procedural and time must be allotted each week for that). We’ll have to wait and see how the different stories will roll out, and what the writers will choose to focus on. There are many story avenues to explore.

    Thanks to you and the cast for live tweeting during the show. I managed to keep up, and I was very pleased to see the overall positive reaction of other viewers. I will be holding my breath for the the overnights.

    1. Same, the intro scene with old Jimmy is one of my favorite. I’m so glad that they decided to have flashback scenes to keep Philip Baker Hall around.

  3. Numbers news isn’t great. Second Chance scored a 1.2/4 rating/share, with an overall viewership of 4.82 million. For a timeslot that comes with such high expectations (following Idol, the Empire slot), this is disappointing. And considering that most new series experience a drop-off after the first week…well, let’s hope word of mouth from the viewers who tweeted such positive response last night will spread, and that Fox will be patient. The critical reception probably did not help (a few of the more critical reviews have been fair and not entirely wrong, but others started snarking about the premise even before the series began taping).

    There’s so much potential here, I hope viewers and Fox don’t give up too soon.

  4. I couldn’t watch the premiere but I watched the ep on the last day of the year ..because of you THANKS!!! and even I couldn’t enjoyed at the best becasue in my laptop didn’r run well and my TV couldn’t read the file …( grrr) I liked this Pilot I think there will be a lot of potential in the storyline and Tim is usual and his character could become very very interesting when he ‘ll dig into this”Jymmy ‘s friend” that suddenly appeared in his life… but when I watched his partner be a corrupt cop and a murderer well I couldn’t stop myself… well Neal was a criminal but for sure a better partner ..and friend!!
    Hope FOX will be patient not always a low rating means that the show doesn’t worth so much … I think those ratings
    are not so truthful ( but I know that for a network are important!).. I think a lot of people watched the Pilot …even around the world!

    1. The ratings system is actually very sophisticated and probably the most accurate way we have to measure viewing numbers. Also, the American ratings system measures American viewers only–other countries use their own ratings measures.

      I hope Fox will at least air all 11 episodes, but I’m not sure how patient the network will be concerning renewal/cancellation. Fox is programming rich (hence the 2-episode cut prior to the pilot even airing), so unless the numbers rise I’m afraid Second Chance is on a short leash.

      Maybe we’ll learn more from today’s Fox TCA panels.

  5. Although I watched this purely for Tim, I found myself enjoying the whole show. I thought the characters were well developed for the time given and what seemed originally to be a fairly dubious premise turned out to be intriguing. I will definitely keep watching and I really hope the series is successful. Tim was gorgeous, maybe typecast, but I love him as an FBI agent!

    1. I’m totally with you Sarah. The promise, no matter how silly it seems, does have a lot of potential for good drama.

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