Lookinglass Screening at NYCC

If you’re attending New York Comic Con (NYCC) this year, heads up! There will be an advance screening of Tim’s new Fox series, Lookinglass, as well as a Q&A session with star Rob Kazinsky and executive producers Rand Ravich and Howard Gordon, on Sunday, October 11.

The screening starts at 11 am in room 1A06 and will be followed by the Q&A – here’s a link with more info.

The NYCC takes place at the Javits Center, 655 W 34th St., in Manhattan. Tickets are sold out, but I wanted to post the info anyway for anyone who was already attending. If you’re going to see the screening, please let us know! 🙂


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  1. Given that I’m going to NY the following weekend, I’m kinda glad Tim doesn’t seem to attend. Though it would have been nice to have pics of Tim, too.

  2. Any word on the reception to Lookinglass at NYCC? I’ve only seen one report, which didn’t offer a review but did say the pilot had “several things going for it”. And, apparently the panel was cut short due to lack of time.

    I’m starting to get anxious for a little news.

    1. I haven’t seen anything. I don’t think Rob even posted anything about the event. Not sure what is Fox’s strategy for that one…

      1. Not sure either, although I did read a few weeks ago that Lookinglass would premiere in March. If true, then maybe it’s too early for a publicity push. (I’m hoping the premier date will be pushed up to January.)

  3. An interview with Rob Kazinsky from NYCC–


    Rob has some interesting comments about his working relationship with Tim. The set-side aura of Lookinglass seems to be different from that of White Collar, but not necessarily in a bad way. Apparently, this series is banking on the success of the unconventional partnership between Tim and Rob’s characters, but the chemistry between Tim and Rob is being constructed in a different way than the chemistry between Tim and Matt, which was immediate and present from the start.

    Also, I had thought of Lookinglass as more science fiction/mystery thriller/police drama than horror, despite the working title of Frankenstein’s Code, but now I wonder if an element of horror will be worked into the story.

    And, apparently, if Lookinglass is a success, the goal is to shoot 22 episodes/season. Most hour-long broadcast shows shoot almost 10 months/year. The steady work is nice, I’m sure, but that doesn’t leave much time for Tim to do other projects.

    1. Thanks for posting these! I’d seen them when they were first posted and had planned to pull the quotes about Tim for an entry here, but work has gotten in the way (as usual).

      The person I mentioned above said that Tim is in a LOT more of the pilot than what the trailer would lead us to believe, and coupled with the info from the articles about the relationship between Tim’s character and Rob’s, I’m hoping we’ll get to see him quite a bit.

      As far as leaving time for Tim to do other projects, they’ve already caused him to cancel appearances, such as the reading in Denver and the Best Man Wins premiere at Tribeca. 🙁

    2. Thanks for sharing those interviews! Really interesting. And I just love when people say all those wonderful things about Tim. ♥♥

      1. I was so pleased to see Rob talking about Tim in that way, and to know their chemistry is working, because one never knows what will happen when placed in a new work environment, how the people will connect.

  4. After reading the interviews, I’m even more anxious to see the pilot. I’m relieved to know that Tim is featured in the pilot more than the trailer indicates. Considering that Tim is co-lead and plays a pivotal role in the series, not to mention the fact he brings a sizable fan base to Lookinglass, I would think Fox might start using him more prominently to promote the show. After all, he brings a sizable fan base of his own to the show.

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