Dinner at Tiffani’s – All in the Family

The video of Dinner at Tiffani’s featuring the DeKay family and Tiffani’s as well, has been added to TDK TV!

Click on the image to access the video. Password is tdktv.

Our infinite gratitude to Archivistsrock for providing the video. 🙂


5 Comments on “Dinner at Tiffani’s – All in the Family”

  1. Whenever I see these people on-screen together, in character or as themselves, I fall in love with them just a little more. The DeKays and Thiessen-Smiths seem like such sweet, beautiful families.

    I’m glad to finally see the real face belonging to the body in that photo of Peter and Elizabeth hanging in the Burkes’ house–Brady’s cute! I’d seen pictures of Elisa, but never heard her talk–she seems as down-to-earth as Tim, and they are adorable together.

    And, you know, many teenagers wold feel embarrassed to appear on a cooking show with their parents and their parents’ friends, but Jamis and Danna were relaxed and social and enjoying the company (and food) as much as their parents.

    So much fun for a White Collar fan to watch this cast enjoy each other outside of White Collar. Makes missing the show a little easier to accept.

    1. Definitely agree – they’re all so sweet, and it’s great to see such happy and well-adjusted kids in “Hollywood” families. Sure says a lot about both sets of parents!

      We’d seen Brady in ‘As You Were,’ but only as Van Horn. Like Tim, Brady is a lot more laid-back IRL and doesn’t take himself very seriously. (Case in point: https://instagram.com/p/oD9pBVJQB6/)

      I adore seeing Tim and Elisa together – they always make me grin like an idiot. 😀 And their kids always seem to have great attitudes and are very close to their parents and each other. Loved getting to see that come across on screen. <3 I know they've always been very supportive of Dad's career, too.

      (The kids are great with us as well - whenever I post a pic on our Instagram account that includes one or both of them, and I tag them in it, they'll "like" the pic - Jamis is especially good with this. I definitely appreciate the support we get from the DeKays; Tim's mom has been awesome on IG as well, btw!)

  2. Loved the episode, it was nice that Tiffany and Tim enjoy each other’s company off screen as well. The families were great as well.

  3. This was beyond adorable.

    One thing that caught my attention was Tim mentioning he’d be shooting a western in a few months which would be around now, is that right? I was hoping that project was still in the works.

    1. Yes, hopefully it’s still happening! 🙂
      Not sure how it’ll play out with Frankenstein now, though.

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