Tim and Jeff Eastin’s Talking TV Appearance

Today, Tim appeared in a live webcast with White Collar creator Jeff Eastin and L.A. Times TV critic, Mary McNamara, to talk WC and to take questions. They spoke for about twenty minutes and gave some wonderful insight as far as the characters, the chemistry, and the end of the show. (They did try to avoid spoilers – I don’t think there were any for anything that hasn’t already aired.)

Here’s the video:

On a personal note, I was thrilled that one of my questions was chosen to be answered! It’s the first one, about Peter’s backstory. I know that so many of us, as fans, come up with our own bits of backstory (“headcanon”) for the characters and was curious as to whether or not Tim ever did the same. Tim and Jeff both answered, and it was great to hear them elaborate on their discussions of what they’d like to see happen with Peter. Thanks to Tim and Jeff for answering, and to Ms. McNamara for asking!

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  1. Daclaren- That’s cool that one of your questions was chosen! You must’ve been very excited. 🙂 I enjoyed what was said on the interview; I’ll probably have to watch it again to remember it all. It was nice seeing Tim post-WC. Not crazy about Jeff saying that there could be a prequel, w/out also saying that there could be a sequel. I know you mentioned that they all know how devoted fans are to the characters, and they wouldn’t kill anyone off. But…Jeff made it sound so final- like the characters can have a past, but not a future. That still gives me a knot in my stomach. I’m going to keep hoping for the best, though. I have to. 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure Jeff’s comment about the prequel meant there will NOT be a sequel.
      The characters might not have a future together. Or may just not be working at White Collar together. That doesn’t mean they have to die! Doesn’t mean they can’t still be in each other’s lives either. Just that White Collar as we know it is coming to a conclusion.

      Contrarily to earlier seasons, Neal doesn’t seem to be willing to remain a CI for the FBI, even on his free will. So I’m not sure it could continue forever after, once Neal is off anklet. And the Burkes may have new things to take into consideration as responsible parents.

      Jeff Eastin has said a lot of things and their contrary in past interviews, so whatever he says is to be taken with a lot of salt.

      1. Right. That’s what I meant ~ that there’s not going to be a sequel. That’s the part that sounded final.

        Thanks for mentioning other scenarios that Jeff could’ve meant. It makes me feel better knowing there are other possibilities. If the characters don’t have a future together, that will be a little bit sad. But I’ll take that over…the other. lol.

        I agree that Neal is really trying to distance himself now. His mentality is different than it was before. But he’s gotten stung by the folks he trusted, so it’s understandable, I guess. You’re probably right. If he gets his freedom, he’s gone.

        1. I think so, too – for now.
          But that doesn’t have to mean that he and Peter couldn’t somehow find themselves working a common case in, let’s say two or three years. This could be done in a sequel. I don’t think that’s going to happen with WC, there are too many things to be considered (actor’s time, rights,…). But the same goes for doing a prequel. So if there could be a prequel, but no sequel – I don’t want to think more about that…

  2. I think that also the prequel will be different from the theme of the original White Collar ” the unlike partnership” …. because will be about the chase and their cat and mouse game … so far different from the relationship they built in these years!
    No sequel or movie is understandable, it’s my feeling that the FBI will betray Neal again even with the iron clad contract! so there will be no way that Neal will stay with the FBI and maybe also Peter will make a different choice but their friendship in my opinion will be stronger than ever

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