And that’s a wrap!

Filming of Season 6 is over!

Don’t be too sad, the good news is, now there are six brand new episodes that are waiting for us! 🙂 (Yes, I’m trying to hold on to my optimist nature…)


The entire White Collar team on monday 4th of August, courtesy of Tiffani Thiessen.


And look Socialite Life just reposted my Thank You message to the cast and crew. 🙂 We’re officially getting famous!

4 Comments on “And that’s a wrap!”

  1. I love that both Tim and Matt apparently had one more day of filming today at Silvercup East and then made a point of personally saying their farewells to the crew and production staff. Classy guys; classy, guys!

  2. Thank you white collar! Gonna miss it! It’s hard to say goodbye but there’s no choice.:( Case closed at that moment.

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