Tim on The Pack Podcast, Take 4

Heads up, team – Tim has recorded another episode of The Pack Podcast! (I’m so glad they were able to keep sharing these!) This one is called “Luck of the Lost” and also features George Wendt, Terry Walters, Lynne Stewart, Beth Triffon, and Intae Kim. Check it out at this link!

I’m heading out the door soon, so I haven’t listened yet, but I’ll update this as soon as I do!

Luck of the Lost cast – photo courtesy of @thepackplayers on IG.

The Pack started out performing original one-act comedies by Emmy-nominated and Drama Desk Award Winner Eugene Pack live in theaters, but COVID-19 forced them to move their shows to an online podcast format, and they returned with spoken-word radio plays, with the cast participating and recording from their homes. The podcast benefits Feeding America and The Actors Fund – check this link for ways to help.

1 Comment on “Tim on The Pack Podcast, Take 4”

  1. I have a couple comments. First off, I love these and look forward to Thursdays when a new one drops. Of course I enjoy listening to Tim, but all of the Pack Podcasts have been entertaining. It’s a shame Covid cancelled the live performances but at least they reach a larger audience with these podcast versions.

    This podcast had a great cast. Clyde’s daughter was particularly funny. Kudos to the actress! While I laughed at this scenario, I secretly believe this is EXACTLY how my family would react (will react?!) if I self publish the book I’m working on. It would be absolutely torturous for my husband to sit through any book reading! Alcohol would be needed for him to survive it! Lol.

    Lastly, I had to listen to the podcast twice because the first time I got distracted 2/3rds of the way in. Is it just me or does anyone else start thinking of Tim’s voice characterizations of Doug Richardson’s Lucky Dey series? Started bugging me on which character he sounded like. I’m thinking Gonzo’s son, Travis? (Not being negative here. I love the Lucky Dey series.)

    Anyway, I enjoyed this one and highly recommend everyone give them a listen and support the non-profit organizations linked to them if you can.

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