Here and Now 1×08 Reaction Post

So, Steven and Audrey took things to the next level this week, as expected, and we were once again treated to some great chemistry, adorable flirting, and more!

What did you think of this week’s episode (which was somewhat shorter – no idea why)? Jump in to the discussion in the comments below!

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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14 Comments on “Here and Now 1×08 Reaction Post”

  1. Just watched Ep 8 and I AM way too speechless with Steven and Audrey! Can’t wait for the next few EPs. Getting interesting now

      1. Very! And I like Tim’s acting style. He really get into the character’s role. It’s either you hate him or love him 👍🏻👏🏻

  2. Wow – really enjoyed this episode, for obvious reasons! Lots of flirty Steven and Audrey, and then of course, the delicious scenes at Steven’s place! (Loved that Audrey had to stand on the patio table to be Steven’s height; Holly is about a foot shorter than Tim.) Still not sure what Steven’s angle is – he’s charming, but maybe a little too charming and a bit of a fast talker when it comes to business. We’ll see…!

    I was both surprised and not that Audrey immediately told Greg about her affair. I wasn’t sure if she was doing it to be petty (as Greg assumed), or if she was doing it to show that she wasn’t keeping it a secret, considering all of the sneaking around he had to do when he was having an affair.

    Greg continues to be a bit of a mystery to me. The whole “family dinner” thing and continuously coming around after Audrey kicked him out is borderline creepy to me, but then again, they do still have a family together and weren’t ‘officially’ separated or anything. The thing with the gun in his class was interesting, but I’m not surprised it backfired (no pun intended) on him.

    Still enjoying Kristen and Navid – after Steven and Audrey, they’re definitely my favorites. The kiss was surprising, but not entirely unexpected, and it was nice that they didn’t make a huge deal out of it. If the relationship starts to progress, I’m very interested to see how it’ll work with a genderfluid character. (Being gender non-conforming myself, I’m curious to see how it will be handled.)

    Just a few things about the other storylines:

    – The thing with Ashley and the BLM sign was a great example of how crazy things are in this country now (and not in a good way).
    – Still not sure what to make of the connection between Ramon and Farid. I really like Ramon, but I haven’t warmed up to Farid, and now it seems like he’s going even further off the rails.
    – Still not crazy about Duc. I won’t even get started with how much his attitude frustrates me. I really do like Carmen, though! (Hopefully she’ll help him get over himself.)

  3. Wow now that was one hot episode ! I’m really enjoying Audrey and Steve’s relationship, and their little games. Nothing is more attractive than a couple where the 2 parties are on the same page and both equally enjoying it. (Not sure it’ll last, given the summaries, but I’m enjoying it for now!)

    For the rest, Daclaren summed up pretty much all my thoughts.

    Kristen and Navid sincerely made me laugh with their silver nitrate idea ! God that is so brilliant! (In reality it’s quite a pain to use in chemistry, precisely because you don’t see you’ve spilled some until the next day…)

    I think Greg is just kidding himself, thinking things can get back to normal if he persists long enough. Poor Ashley really can’t get a break… And Duc really gets on my nerves.

  4. I just got all caught up with Here and Now. General comments. I’m enjoying the show but I find this type of show with a large cast always leads to frustration for me as the size of the cast and timing just doesn’t allow for a lot of character depth and story development. For instance, I really liked Ramon and Henry together – Henry is now gone – will he be back? Will we learn more about his story? What about Ashley’s daughter’s birthday party where nobody showed up – will they delve further into what’s going on there? And Greg’s TA who died – I don’t get what that character’s purpose was at all. Am I missing his involvement in advancing the story? Will there be further development with the Duc’s book foreword that he wrote? I love Tim Robbins as an actor, but boy, is Greg ever a sad sack of a navel gazing character! lol When I look at the show in a very general, big picture way, I’m really enjoying it. It’s entertaining and intriguing. When I take a more detailed view, it doesn’t hold together as well. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where all these stories lead. This is getting long, so I’ll do a separate post to discuss Tim DeKay’s role.

    1. Agree with pretty much everything here, too! 🙂

      I was just talking with Ara the other day about Greg’s TA and about the whole thing with Henry and tent guy. I liked Ramon and Henry, too! And as far as Greg’s TA, they had a pretty heavy father-son vibe going, but it did seem like another loose end. Maybe they’ll all be resolved by the S1 finale…?

      It’s definitely a great show overall, and I love the representation in it, but I do wish there were fewer storylines going on so that they could give more time to each one.

  5. So, Tim DeKay’s storyline. It’s hard not to like Steven. He’s the opposite of Greg’s heaviness and dreariness. He’s light and fun. He’s gorgeous and sexy. He goes after what he wants. That being said, I’m not sure I trust him. He seems to have no qualms at all in seducing an old friend’s wife. Audrey may in part be having this affair with Steven as payback for Greg’s betrayal, not to mention that it’s a return to a relationship from a simpler time in her life, without the current familial stresses. I’m not sure what Steven’s motives are, beyond him having had a thing for Audrey in the past. While the characters are in their 50s, they are being shown caught up with that excitement of new love and that’s fun to see. Holly and Tim have great chemistry and have done a great job at getting that excitement across the screen. Unrelated to the story, I also love that they both look like actual human beings with lines on their faces and such, no perfect fake Hollywood faces. I know that Hollywood is particularly tough for older women – is it the same for men? I hope Tim DeKay gets more roles where his sexiness is played up rather than down. Being a woman in her 50s myself, I like to see “older” characters portrayed as something other than background for younger characters. I’m enjoying that both younger and older characters have interesting storylines. I can’t wait to see where the storylines go and I hope there will be a second season.

    1. Yes, you have a good point about Steve. He has no remorse getting involved with a married woman… Not sure I’d trust a man like that…

      And I also totally agree with you about the characters that are dumped a bit too quickly… I feel like that’s the problem with those chorus shows with too many characters. I wish there were less characters so that we’d spend more time with each of them.

    2. I agree with your post on Tim exploring roles. Its really hard to get away from the previous role you had especially if really did good on screen and made a mark with the audience. I was earlier discussing with my colleagues that are younger than me to go check out Tim’s previous projects and see how great an actor he is!

    3. Agree with pretty much everything you said. Like I said above, Steven’s also a fast talker. That, combined with the fact that he’s quick to flirt/seduce/sleep with Audrey, makes me wonder. I’m curious what his motives are, and why he wants to get her in front of the cameras so quickly.

      Their chemistry is amazing! I’m really enjoying how comfortable they look with each other – makes everything so much more believable. And I agree about them looking like actual middle-aged people, flaws and all. (Not just those two, but Tim Robbins as well.) As someone in my early 40s with a husband in his mid-50s, I like that they’re showing the middle-aged folks can still be seductive and appealing.

  6. I was drooling over Tim’s chest & shoulders (he’s bigger than he was in “White Collar)!!! Ohh, to be held by those arms!!! Especially for someone as tiny as Holly is…I LOVED the way Tim caressed Holly’s ass & legs with his big hands…This man is INCREDIBLY SEXY!!

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