American Crime 3×01 Reaction Post

It’s been almost five months since the announcement about Tim joining the third season of the critically-acclaimed ABC drama, American Crime, and tonight, we finally got to see the premiere episode!

So even though we didn’t get to see much of Tim in the premiere, what did you think of his character, JD Hesby, and the show in general? Let us know in the comments!

Tim with Cherry Jones in the season 3 premiere of American Crime.

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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1 Comment on “American Crime 3×01 Reaction Post”

  1. Beautiful beginning to what should be an interesting season that features timely, relevant storytelling. I hope we see more Tim in the next episode, and I’d love to think he could become a regular member of this excellent ensemble.

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