Second Chance 1×11 Reaction Post

What a finale! Full of action, and emotions, and twists…I don’t know about you, but I had at least three heart attacks during that finale episode… What did you think of Gelassenheit?

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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10 Comments on “Second Chance 1×11 Reaction Post”

  1. Talk about a relentless grand finale–wow! I hardly know where to begin….

    If I must pick one favorite moment, it is this: Jimmy–“Hey kiddo! We kicked some ass, didn’t we?” Duval–“Yeah, I love you too.” Duval’s earlier admission that he had sometimes hated Jimmy was a painful moment of raw honesty but absolutely necessary, almost a do-it-yourself therapy session.

    And, yeah, the Pritchard boys are totally badass!

    There were many emotional character moments that caught me off-guard, between all the characters, but the bittersweet tone of the Jimmy-Duval moments was especially poignant. Jimmy is perfect…right now, but the ominous foreshadowing of his future seemed not lost on him. I don’t think it’s lost on Duval either, because for all that he wants Jimmy to stay in his life, he’s absolutely right–Jimmy couldn’t live a normal life if his secret is exposed. Duval still doesn’t want Gracie to know the truth about her grandfather, even after Jimmy helped save her life, and I think that’s a father’s protective instinct kicking in.

    I truly thought Otto was a lost soul for most of this episode, but he earned redemption in the eleventh hour, giving his life to save another. My favorite Mary moments are connected to Otto, and I am glad that he found a way to remain connected with her as sort of a techno-geek alter-ego.

    Tim just absolutely killed it tonight. From fear to unfettered rage to hope to brokenhearted despair to relief, this episode is a cornucopia of the many sides of Tim DeKay.

    I’m not blind to the ratings, and I’ve been following TV shows long enough to understand how the business works. I know chances for renewal are less than slim-to-none. I just hope someone on the network level believes in Second Chance enough to overlook the hard data and take a giant leap of faith.

  2. One more thing–if Second Chance does win renewal, I hope Duval finds a friend at the FBI next season. Those two robots who were attempting to take Duval in showed zero humanity, especially considering they apparently knew Gracie, and I’m starting to wonder if the Seattle office of the FBI is comprised of nothing but the corrupt undead.

  3. There were so many great moments in this episode. As much as I wanted to push them to go rescue Gracie, I did like the Jimmy/Mary and Jimmy/Duval moments.

    That rescue was taking forever though, I was so on the edge of my seat the whole time. And that false hope when Gracie appeared, that was *mean*.
    I’m so glad Otto did the right thing in the end. He was misguided, but not an evil person like Connor.

    I loved all the emotional moments, from each of the characters. Otto, Mary, Jimmy, Duval… They all broke my heart. A lot of sweet lines – I’d need to rewatch to quote them properly.

    Angry Duval was terrifying and heartbreaking. :'(

    I understand why Duval is reluctant to tell anyone about Jimmy – and he sure has a good point about telling the FBI – but I still wish he’d let Gracie and Helen know. I feel like Jimmy deserved it.

    I felt bad for Jimmy that after everything, he’s left alone by everyone. They’re all fighting to keep him alive, but then they push him away…

    Well, he does have sweet Alexa, and they’re sharing bath already. 😉
    And I do love that Otto is now an AI. 🙂

    A second season would be so much fun! There’s still so much to tell, and they sure paved the way for an interesting story.

  4. The finale was big emotion all over.
    Otto was the tragic hero. But when he finally turned around, he did it with the grandeur of a real genius. Tragic that he took to long to understand that he lost his sister by trying to keep her to herself.
    As much as I hate to admit it, I liked Jimmy most in this episode. He was willing to give up his life in order to save Gracie. And I could believe him doing so. Sad to see that he ends up alone.
    Duval. What can I say. Tim did a great performance. Never seen him acting so maniac and ready to kill. But it seemed a bit unfair to exclude his father from the family – even though I can understand the reasons.
    I liked Mary when taking control and fighting for her love. Not so much when she tried to find her soul in some far away Indian children home.
    I don’t understand the episode title. Gelassenheit. There was not a quantum of Gelassenheit in the episode. And I had no clue that it is a word in English.
    To cut it short: we need a second season. This story is not told.

    1. I was a little mad at Duval last night, but I rewatched the episode this morning, and I changed my mind about it.
      Duval is being Duval, trying to protect everyone, and being the grown-up who makes the tough decisions. It clearly seems that he’s pained by it, but it’s definitely better for everyone if Jimmy stays away until things cool down. Once Adair is off Duval’s back and the case is close, then Jimmy can come back. And hopefully will be able to tell Gracie and Helen who he is. Not sure what it means for the future of their partnership if Jimmy is officially dead, but it’s definitely safer that way.

      I’m not clear on those last 2 ep titles. I believe they refer to Heidegger’s philosophy ( but I’m not sure what it really means.

      1. I haven’t watched the show, but I’m reading different comments and I was surprised to see two “German” titles. I never heard of “Geworfenheit” which sounds like a noun to “werfen” – throw (“geworfen” is the participle “thrown” and -heit is a suffix for a noun)
        But “Gelassenheit” is, I guess, a typical German word which is difficult to translate well. It means that you’re in a state of complete calmness, feeling at ease with yourself and everything around you. You’re in no hurry to do what you want to do, but you’re just doing it placidly.

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