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  1. LOL it would seem so. But then, I don’t think anyone can resist the DeKay charm. 😉
    It’s nice to see they’re getting along well.

    And I love Rob’s referring to Tim as his son. So weird.

  2. Tim and Rob seem to have a good working relationship (from I’ve read/heard, it’s near impossible not to have a good working relationship with Tim DeKay), and this interview is cute, but true bromance, just like true romance, is cultivated over time and takes more than a good working relationship. If, in a couple years, we’ve seen numerous BTS photos of them laughing or talking together, and silly videos start showing up on YouTube that have little or nothing to do directly with the show itself, or they start spontaneously singing together in a live TV interview, then we’ll talk bromance. Rob and Matt are not interchangeable, after all.

    1. On an unrelated note, I need to blow off some steam. I’m getting really tired of reading reviews that dismiss Second Chance more quickly and harshly than I’ve seen any new series criticized this season. Another review I read yesterday just hammered it. The pilot was not perfect, no, and I suspect Fox released the first four episodes to the press for good reason, in an attempt to prevent the series from getting clobbered by the media before having found its footing. But that seems to be happening anyway, including, unfortunately, from heavy hitters like Variety, EW, and TV Guide.

      I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, and I watch enough television to recognize potential in a new series. I am biased, I admit–I’m watching for Tim, which I probably wouldn’t be if he wasn’t involved, and I want badly for Second Chance to succeed for his sake–but even given my skewed perspective, I think it deserves a better chance than it’s been given by the press. (Most reviews have been kind to Tim, at least.)

      Rant over. I’m taking the advice of the few reviews which advise to keep watching, and hoping for the best.

      1. I guess critics are just too much used to the “brilliant” cable/Netflix shows and getting very dismissive of anything too mainstream. The Second Chance pilot wasn’t perfect, there were too many things to expose, and well, let’s face it, the premise sounds kinda ridiculous, which probably didn’t help. This said, even if it was uneven (some great scenes, some a little more awkward), I thought it did a decent exposition job.
        Actually, I think this show has LOT of potential, and could actually be terrific as a cable drama. There is a lot to explore in the Pritchard family relationships, as well as with the ethical issues of bringing back someone who didn’t ask for it, and probably wouldn’t have wanted to, even the Jimmy-Mary-Otto triangle could give an interesting twist to the obvious forthcoming romance, and more.
        I do hope that despite the fact that it’s network procedural, it will deliver. And I also really hope that Fox will give it a chance to.

        1. Most of the criticism has been aimed toward the premise but even more toward the execution of the premise. I don’t think it has anything to do with it being on broadcast TV or too mainstream–there are several broadcast/mainstream shows appreciated by the television media (Empire, the series whose time slot Second Chance currently occupies, being one of them, another being X-Files, another supernatural-tinged Fox procedural whose reboot is getting lots of great buzz).

          That said, given all the story that Second Chance is trying to tell, I also wonder if it would be better served on cable, and not tied to a case-of-the-week format. I know Rand Ravich has previously tried, and failed, to launch more serialized programming, and that might explain this attempt to gain mass appeal on a broadcast network.

          I’ve seen the speculation of a possible Jimmy-Mary romance, which was set up in the pilot, but I didn’t see the requisite spark between DV and RK. If romance is the eventual intent, hopefully the spark will develop (I wonder if they read together during the audition process.)

          I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, but I’m also a little apprehensive about it.

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