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The plot thickened even more tonight as everyone had to deal with the unexpected consequences of the blackout caused by Jimmy’s ressurection, all the while Duval seemed to get closer and closer to the truth as he teamed up with Jimmy to catch the dangerous fugitives. How long until he figures out the truth? What did you think of this second episode, One More Notch?

Expect spoilers for the episode – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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  1. Enjoyed it! Like with White Collar, I don’t mind sacrificing a few beats from the case of the week if in exchange we see more character moments, and this episode fleshed out the characters–favorite moments were Gracie’s “more like the sheriff”; Duval grousing about being stuck with the name “Duval”; Duval’s “how ya doin’?” when he arrested the kidnapper; and the final Duval/Jimmy scene in which Jimmy attempts to convince Duval they should work together–despite his protests, I think Duval is intrigued by the idea….which sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

    There were a few moments which recalled WC for me, but none more than the final Duval/Jimmy scene, which echoed Neal’s attempt to convince Peter to release him into his custody in the WC pilot. The difference is, Neal’s connection to the FBI was clear and legitimate, whereas I’m not sure how Duval will explain Jimmy. Duval’s superiors are already suspicious of the bridge incident.

    I’d like to see the more personal side to Duval’s relationship with Gracie. Except for about 2 minutes in the WC finale, and a few snippets in Tell Me You Love Me and Big Eden, I’ve not seen Tim play a father in a deep, meaningful way and I hope the writers develop that relationship (especially since the overriding theme of this series is exploring the complexity of the parent/child bond).

    On the Lookinglass side, I was glad to see Mary actually feel the effects of her cancer, even if only briefly. One of the concerns I had in the pilot was the glossing over of her illness as nothing more than a reason/excuse to resurrect Jimmy. Someone for whom chemo is no longer effective and has been told by doctors her illness is terminal simply does not look or act as healthy as Mary does. I assume the infusion of Jimmy’s blood or whatever will restore her, but I’m sensitive to terminal cancer being used as a plot device.

    I also saw the faintest sparks fly between Mary and Jimmy, but I’m more interested in Duval’s love life, or apparent lack thereof. Tim said in an interview that Duval was widowed, but I don’t think any character has mentioned that yet. I’d like to think there might be a romance in his future, if the show continues into the second season. I mean, come on–Tim’s hot, and giving widower Duval a potential love interest would give Tim the opportunity to play emotional layers he didn’t need to play as Peter (because Peter and Elizabeth already had a practically perfect relationship).

    I’m not sure how I feel about the twins-speak. Twins having their own way of speaking to each other isn’t unusual, but their own language? I know this is science fiction, where pushing the limits of credulity is normal, but creating a language only these two characters understand creates distance with an audience. I do like the idea of Jimmy’s presence creating an interesting tension in the twins’ relationship though.

    On a final note, I just want to say the camera is Tim’s friend, not just because of how handsome and expressive his face is but because he understands, maybe better than any actor I can think of, how to play an emotion just enough to touch the viewer without over-selling it. He’s brilliant in the art of understatement. Like Willie and Matt said in one of the WC commentaries, he’s fantastic in the way he uses his eyes (and I would add his mouth) to subtly convey an emotion or idea, and it doesn’t matter how close or distant the camera angle.

  2. I’m really enjoying the different interactions between the characters. And I really like Jimmy! Love his deadpan humor, the jokes about his age or the fact he used to be dead… Also the crash on the brick wall was awesome. Nope Jimmy, you’re strong, but not *that* strong.

    And of course, I really enjoyed the interactions and underlying tension between Duval and Jimmy. Poor Duval, going around with “Duval” heh!

    I was surprised that it hasn’t been clarified that old Jimmy was murdered. But it was nice to see Gracie wonder about this. She seemed to have a nice connection with her grandfather, so his suicide must seriously affect her. Also the short scene between Gracie and the sister looking at Jimmy and Duval having a stare down was cute.

    Like Jean above, I’ve been a bit bothered by how “healthy” Mary looks. I mean, really, for someone on chemo (and a chemo that was not even working) she looks stunning…

    The Twin-speak doesn’t bother me. I used to be my brother’s translator when he started talking. I’m guessing that if you don’t feel like trying to communicate with the rest of the world, you might elaborate this to a higher level, especially when you’re a genius like Otto.

    But above all, I’m really enjoying seeing Tim being a different character. And a character who is smart and badass. And also, a good guy.
    I second what Jean says about his acting. That’s something that has always fascinated me, and that’s definitely what won me over while watching White Collar. I would add that his use of his breathing is also a key to his way of conveying emotions.

    The one thing that I think might bother me with this series is the higher level of violence compared to WC. I know it’s part of Jimmy’s character, but I really don’t like cops torturing suspects. Not that I like criminals molesting people either… I’m missing the (relative) non-violence of WC…

    1. The “six million dollar man” aspect of Jimmy’s character is over-the-top. Jimmy apparently has a history of police brutality, which I think could’ve been addressed without giving him superpowers. Perhaps the writers might have thought giving Jimmy heightened abilities might appeal to viewers who watch the glut of superhero TV that’s popular right now.

      WC had its more visceral moments, but Peter generally out-smarted, as opposed to out-gunned, the bad guys (the two major exceptions being Vincent Adler and Matthew Keller). Duval is smart, but, as I mentioned elsewhere, he does possess a hint of badassery that I never associated with Peter (Diana was WC’s resident badass).

      1. In the recent interviews they keep mentioning the monster inside, and the fact that young Jimmy isn’t the finished product yet. I’m wondering if the enhancement will not go out of control at some point. (That would be an interesting development).

        Peter had a few badass moments. He could desarm a guy in the blink of an eye, and he was a terrific shot. But it’s precisely the fac that he almost never showed it that I liked it so much about him. He’s a lot of other things, but he can also be badass if necessary.

  3. You have written so well my thought that I don’t need to add more lines ..I know that this show will be darker than White Collar Tim had already said it .. But I like smart good FBI Agent and Duval is one of them and so much Peter ! in some scenes this show remember me when Peter looked at Neal well knowing he was up to somenthing and following his gut he at the end figured out what it was …poor Jimmy I don’t think Duval needs many ep to find out who he really is!!
    But as White Collar addicted I couldn’t not pick….these
    when Duval cuffed Jimmy I was waiting for a “don’t pick this!!”
    the last scene when Duval picked up the glass…oh boy !!.. .Alex!!!
    I hope at the end of the season Duval will be a Special Agent !! and why not , the Agent in charge of this section …the actual ” Boss” not in my skin ..I don’t like her..

    1. Duval’s boss is no Reese Hughes, but, then again, she was right to question Duval’s report on the bridge incident.

  4. I can’t help but the story about a huge technology company giving away free tablets to all 8-year-olds in the city and then using same tablets to watch and locate same kids was disgusting. And if I’m supposed to feel like,’ hey super they used it to save the girl’. No, I’m not.
    Tim was great, I simply love to see him act. I’d rather marry him. But since he as well as I are already bound, that’s not going to work out. (Just kidding! Mostly) His character has some depths. I hope he’s not taking the path of end-justifies-the-means. Because I’m so not a fan of self-administered justice.
    His father/twin, they did everything to make him look hot. But he did nothing to me. That upcoming romance between him and Mary, well zooming the camera directly into her big brown eyes repeatedly was not so subtle.
    Don’t get me wrong, I hope the show will have good ratings and be a success for Tim. And I will watch every single episode but the story is not mine. When I liked the show it was the moments where it was like White Collar. But liking one show because it reminds me of another show is a bit depressing

    1. I love to watch Tim act too, period, in any project, which is the main reason I want so badly for Second Chance to succeed. He is such an undervalued actor (I recently read an article that Team DeKay posted on Twitter alluding to that fact, listing Tim with a small group of other actors also under-appreciated by mainstream audiences).

      Lookinglass does seem to have an intrusive reach, but using a missing child’s tablet to locate her is no different from law enforcement tracking the pings off a cell phone. Ethical issues can be debated once the child is safely returned home. God knows, if my child was missing I wouldn’t give a damn how law enforcement, or anyone else, found her.

      Duval Pritchard seems to be a good and decent man, a by-the-book agent willing to take down a partner who was “more family to him” than his own father. That said, Duval is still his father’s son and, apparently, has a bit of bad-ass in himself. I like it. That doesn’t mean he’ll become Jimmy, but it might help forge a bond based on mutual understanding.

      Yeah, the camera angles intended to suggest future romance between Jimmy and Mary were a bit heavy-handed.

      The ratings could be better. Here’s a link–

      The rating, share, and overall viewership numbers fell significantly from last week’s soft opening. I hope Fox will be patient.

    2. I forgot to add…I think it says more about us than about the show that we recall so many WC moments while watching it, but I get your point. I want to like Second Chance for Second Chance, not because of the moments which remind me of White Collar.

  5. I’m really enjoying the show. I don’t think it’s just Tim’s presence that makes me enjoy it so much. It really works on many levels of character interactions and plot. Let’s hope we get the chance to watch it for a long time!

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