Interview With Tim – Everyone Wants a Second Chance

With a week to go before the premiere of Second Chance (Fox, Wednesdays at 9 pm), we’re finally starting to see more press for the show. Melissa Byers (@melissab610) did a great interview with Tim that was posted today on the Television Academy’s website!

Everyone Wants a Second Chance

We learn a good bit about the premise of the show in general, why Tim accepted the role after already playing an FBI agent for the past six years, having Dallas and Vancouver stand in for Seattle, and much more.

Tim also reveals that the pilot for ABC’s Uncle Buck was filmed in the DeKays’ home. Check out this screenshot from the show’s trailer:

The DeKays kitchen in the Uncle Buck pilot

Admittedly, I prefer this version of that kitchen:

Tim from Cambria Style Magazine. Photo by George Holz.

Thanks, Melissa and Tim, for a great interview!

3 Comments on “Interview With Tim – Everyone Wants a Second Chance”

  1. Nice interview! I’ve been as anxious for Tim’s first interview about Second Chance as I’ve been for the show itself.

    Tim answered a few questions I’d been wondering about too, such as whether he was hesitant to play another FBI agent right after playing one for six years. And, now that I’ve seen the pilot, the differences between Peter and Duval, and between White Collar and Second Chance, are obvious.

    I’m a little surprised that Tim was allowed to reveal that Duval figures out that Jimmy is his father before the end of the first season, but I’m glad he does. I guess in that science-fictional universe, the resurrection or re-creation of a dead person isn’t that far-fetched.

    I think I’m looking most forward to the exploration of the various parent-child dynamics–Duval/Gracie, Jimmy/Duval, and also Mary/Otto, who are twins but seem to have a mother/son dynamic emotionally.

    1. I forgot to add, I’m very happy the powers that be found a way to keep Phillip Baker Hall around! I’m looking forward to his scenes with Tim.

  2. Thanks for this nice interview. I like all he said about the characters’ interactions. There’s some good potential there.

    And like Jean, I’m happy to hear we’ll see Phillip Baker Hall again. I really enjoyed that first scene in the pilot.

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