Gallery Update and Birthday Reminder

We still haven’t seen any photos of Tim from this year’s Every Child Matters 5k yet, but I was finally able to get HQ versions of most of the photos from last year! I’ve uploaded them to the gallery, as well as adding a few new shots. (There are still a few LQ photos; HQ versions of those weren’t available, but since the photos were different, I kept them in the album.) Among the new photos are two group shots for you to play “Where’s Tim.” 😉 Click on the image below to go to the gallery!

Tim at the 2014 Every Child Matters 5k

Also, just a reminder that we’re still taking birthday messages for Tim! Email them to by tomorrow, and we’ll post them here on his birthday, as well as emailing him! You can send anything – message/poem, photo or fanart, video, etc. Thanks so much to all of those who have already submitted birthday greetings! 😀

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  1. Great find! Thank you! 🙂

    Just saw Ugotme’s comment. I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully we’ll get something soon. It’s been too quiet in DeKayland lately…

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