White Collar S6 & Complete Series DVDs Available for Pre-Order

The sixth and final season of White Collar, as well as a complete series box set, will be released on DVD on May 5!

Amazon.com has listed both the S6 DVD and the box set for U.S. pre-order. You can find them here:

Season 6 | Complete Series

White Collar Complete Series Box Set

(All six seasons are also available for streaming on both Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.)

5 Comments on “White Collar S6 & Complete Series DVDs Available for Pre-Order”

  1. I’m anxious to know what extras will be included on both sets, but I noticed that USA Network is re-running an extended version of the pilot that includes extended/added scenes not shown on the pilot that originally aired (which is the version included on the season 1 DVD set).

    1. Yeah, I think many fans were hoping the extended international version of the pilot would have been included on the S1 DVD set. It’s possible they may include it with the complete series box set, although it’s also possible that may just be a boxed version of the previous individual season DVD sets.

      I love the extended version of the pilot, although I’m kind of glad they took out the part where Peter met Mozzie. It wasn’t a bad scene, but it seemed like a stretch (how Mozzie got the info and figured things out), and plus, I really love their first meeting scene in “Flip of the Coin.” So much better, IMO.

      But there are lots of other little pieces from the extended pilot that I adore: Peter and El’s extended conversation about Neal (I even wrote a fic about Peter’s noise ordinance violation…heh), the scene where Peter brought Neal the wine bottle in the prison (and the fact that they were using the correct 1982 bottle), etc.

  2. I was thrilled to see the wine bottle scene! They had mentioned it in the commentary for the pilot, and I remember thinking I’d love to see that. I do hope the extended version is included on the box set.

    Speaking of which, there needs to be a good reason for fans to spend over $150 on the box set when so many of us already own the first five seasons. I’m not sure the extended pilot alone is enough of a reason for even the most devoted fans, so I’m hoping for a few new extra features.

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