White Collar 6×06 Promo Stills

The promo stills for the final episode (*sob*) of White Collar, “Au Revoir,” were just released and have been posted to our gallery! As usual, these are medium quality watermarked versions of the photos, but I’ll replace them with larger and/or non-watermarked versions when they become available.

If anyone has access to the HQ versions of these photos and would like to contribute them to the gallery, please let us know – thank you! 🙂

Peter being a BAMF in WC 6x06

4 Comments on “White Collar 6×06 Promo Stills”

  1. Ohhhh snap. I can’t make myself look at these yet. The one that you’ve featured is all I can handle, lol. Thank you very much, though! I’ve had a blast looking at all of the others from S6. 🙂 …

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