White Collar 6×04 Reaction Post

After a break for Thanksgiving, White Collar is back this week with “All’s Fair.” I’ll refrain from counting down…we already know. πŸ™

This is the place to post your reactions to the episode, as well as any speculations for the rest of the season. As always, there will be spoilers – so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you may want to avoid the comments on this post until you’ve watched it.

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That expression though!
That expression though!

20 Comments on “White Collar 6×04 Reaction Post”

  1. I had to work today at my part time job so I couldn’t stay up late last night to watch this. I did watch some of it this morning while having breakfast.

    OH SHOW!!! I am sooooo go to miss how you make me laugh!!!

    Neal teasing Peter about separation anxiety.

    Mozzie has a wife and Neal’s pouting that while he was in Jail, Mozzie was free and having fun.

    Poor Peter just wants to have a quiet lunch with his wife but instead he gets to hang out with Mozzie and Neal. πŸ˜‰

    That is a far as I could watch this morning or I would have been late for work. I am so looking forward to watching the rest when I get home. πŸ™‚

  2. ‘m a little scared to be the first one who post …
    but this ep was so funny
    a lot of good scenes starting from the beginning ..intriguing.. Neal is looking for a container …maybe he will put there his “stuff” like the Degas for shipping ? or to hid the last part of the nazi treasure? Poor Peter he only wanted a quite lunch with his wife instead eheh he has to debate who “hon ” is with Mozzie!!
    that exchange between Neal and Peter about separation… and Peter suffering because he couldn’t know anytimes where Neal is … no anklet ..wow
    Mozzie thinks that con life is to be alone but then he always goes to El ,good guy!!
    Mozzie has a code …hehehe
    I liked Neal said that he didn’t want introduces Mozzie to the PP because they are not the gentlemen thieves as he is they are dangerous and murders I love protective Neal and now that Peter opened to him about his deal and the consequences about his career Neal is more concerned
    and Peter and Mozzie they are so …well in Italy we said ” like the Devil and the Holy Water” they couldn’t mix but in this case they are “perfect” together

  3. What a fun episode! And so funny to see the scenes we saw filming this summer πŸ™‚ (check the gallery for goodies on that!).

    So I knew it was about Mozzie’s wife. A fact I had a hard time wrapping my mind around all those months. But I really like the way they did it. Of course, coming from Mozzie, it was for a con. And for once, it’s not something that happened a long time ago, but fairly recently, when Neal was in prison. It’s not that often that anyone mentions what they were doing during that “hiatus” in their common story.

    You gotta love the relationships Mozzie has developped with everyone. With Neal of course, where it seems that they’ll always have each other’s back no matter how much they disprove their mutual conduct.

    And Peter and Mozzie… The other bromance! Mozzie *asking* Peter for his help and Peter actually looking into it. πŸ™‚
    And all that while still driving each other crazy. Mozzie rearranging the Burkes’ kitchen, and shushing Peter in his car. Poor Peter, no game for the stakeout…

    Mozzie is such a paradox. Determined to be a loner, but forcing himself into everyone’s life. He can’t live without Neal, he befriended with a Suit and his wife, he can’t stand being left out.

    Slick heist sequence! and a FabergΓ© egg!

    And I loved Neal’s “wtf” look about the whole wife story LOL

  4. I finally got to see the rest of the ep. It cheered me up after a cranky day. πŸ™‚

    “And Peter and Mozzie… The other bromance!” LOL!!!!

    I think for the first 3 seasons they just tolerated one another. To me it started slowly to grow into a bromance after what Peter did for Neal and getting him home from Cape Verde & as his friendship with EL developed.

  5. Having watched the filming of so much of this, it was especially fun to see the ‘finished project’, complete with dialogue. Despite Matt’s illness that memorable week he managed to bring his best eye-rolling at Mozzie and his marital hijinks. Loved the surveillance scene in Peter’s car (“my car!”) and of course the “in my kitchen, with my wife!” scene.
    This felt like the calm before the emotional storm and a last chance to savor the guys at play in NYC.

  6. Well, Hulu still thinks I should be able to survive waiting a month for all of these episodes…so I’m trying, although it is SHEER torture. lol. BUT Willie’s tweets are the best, and somehow he’s helping me cope: @WillieGarson-Thx for all the nice comments on last nights episode….the tights hurt but the flying was fun….Oh wait, that wasn’t my show…..

    Lolol. Willie…So Matt was sick during filming? Poor guy. πŸ™ But sooo cool that you were able to watch the filming. I would’ve just been climbing the walls! ha. I’m sure you’ll never forget that experience. πŸ™‚

    “The calm before the emotional storm….” Yeaaaah. That’s what I’m pretty much thinking, too.

  7. Also, I noticed on Facebook that a few people were complaining that this was a “filler” episode, when they should be focusing on wrapping things up. But based on what y’all have posted, I feel like the writers have done the right thing. More than anything, WC has BEEN about the relationships between these 3 guys, & I think the writers have given us as much of that as they possibly can…before the potential storm. I, for one, am very thankful for that. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ll admit to being on the “filler episode” side. I didn’t care for this one at all – way too much Mozzie, and not enough El, Jones, and Diana. We had three episodes focused on Neal’s battle for his freedom and everything going on with the Panthers, but then that took a back seat this week, and we barely heard anything about it. I’m trying to decide if it’s my least favorite episode of the whole series…not sure yet, as I’ve only seen it once so far.

      I did love the “separation anxiety” scene and the kitchen and car scenes, but outside of that, all I remember after one viewing is that I was tired of Mozzie and wanted to know what was going on with their joint operation with San Francisco, which they only covered very briefly. Neal’s freedom and Peter’s career are on the line, after all. They’ve focused on this all season so far, and then they just seemed to completely lose focus with last night’s ep. I kept wondering if they were going to somehow tie this in – if Eva was somehow involved with the Panthers or something – but it never happened, and that left me feeling like the episode just didn’t really belong.

      I could see having an episode like this if they’d had a full season, but it seemed like a bit of a waste with the shortened season. Since the first three eps were pretty awesome, I’m hoping the last two will get back in line with that trend. That would definitely make it easier to forgive them for this one.

      1. Actually, I think I agree with you more than I agree with myself, lol. Truthfully, I think I was just trying to justify this episode.Yes, I want to see Neal/Peter/Moz as much as possible while I can. But, like you said, the stakes are super high right now. And having only 2 episodes left…that did NOT decrease my anxiety level at all. lol. Only 2 episodes to decide everyone’s fate. And now there’s no time left for anything except intensity. πŸ™

    2. Personally I don’t mind filler episodes. I don’t think we need to spend all episodes on the season arc, and I like a good non-arc-related case. And I really enjoyed that one. I loved the interactions between the boys. And it’s not because it’s not about the arc that it’s not about the boys.

      So, well, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself πŸ˜‰

      1. I don’t mind them either – in a _full_ season. But with only six episodes, I don’t think they should have been wasting an ep on the Mozzie/marriage storyline unless it fit into the arc somehow.

        (It also didn’t help that the actress who played Eva and the actor who played her fiance were kind of irritating. With a cast as skilled as the one WC has, they need to find guest stars who can keep up, and these two couldn’t.)

        1. I guess it all comes down to our interest for “arcs”. I don’t care for arcs. And WC hasn’t always been particularly good in that regard in the past…
          More than “filler” I’d say it’s a “stand alone”. Maybe it’s only me, but as long as there’s a story, I don’t see why it would have to fit in the biggest one, if they can tell the biggest one in 5 episodes.

          If you had asked me what I wanted for the last 6 episodes, I would have said “drop the stupid season arc and make it about cases and team work.”

          1. WC’s story arcs have given this series its depth, and it would not have the same show without them. It has been through those arcs that we have seen the most significant character growth, and Eastin/King understand that WC’s greatest strength is its characters. With only 6 episodes to bring a measure of closure to an abbreviated journey, a writer chooses what will create the most emotional impact with as much at stake as possible. A 6-episode mini-series (as opposed to relying on a safer but ultimately less fulfilling case-of-the-week formula for the final six) allows for deeper character exploration and more complex and honest storytelling. Would 13-16 episodes have been preferable? Absolutely. But WC is still going out with style from what I’ve seen, and this final arc–the biggest con our boys have ever pulled–should leave a very lasting and memorable impression. Because you know our boys will get it done, For me, there’s no doubt about that. But the real story is in the journey, and why these characters make the choices they make. WC has told several story arcs, from Kate to the evidence box to Rebecca to the PP, and to quote Peter, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

  8. I have mixed feelings about the timing of this episode more than anything else. I would never call it “filler” because it focused on an important supporting character who deserves his own curtain call (I think Mozzie developed into a more integral character than might have originally been intended, but his increased role only enriched the show’s heart). Not only did this episode shed light on Mozzie’s backstory, but it also shed light on the surprising depth of his relationship with the Burkes, especially Peter.

    Of all the relationships which have given WC its soul, the begrudgingly affectionate dance shared between Peter and Mozzie is the most surprising. Their relationship has grown from one of mutual annoyance and borderline tolerance to one of mutual acceptance, respect, and–though neither would ever admit it–genuine fondness. It spoke volumes in last night’s episode that Mozzie would admit to regarding Peter a part of his team in the same breath as Neal—“…five years ago, I didn’t have Neal. Or The Suit, for that matter.” I think Moz and The Suit have learned to see each other through Neal’s eyes, and to respect, and appreciate, what the other offers as a friend. Everybody should have a Mozzie in their life. (Thinking back, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific episode when Mozzie and Peter started to warm toward each other, but I do recall thinking it very sweet that Mozzie wanted to be the officiant when Peter and Elizabeth renewed their wedding vows, in an early episode.)

    This episode also allowed the audience to see Mozzie at his more vulnerable, and to see that he, in his own quirky way, is just as susceptible to the love bug’s bite as anyone. My heart broke for him when Jack physically and verbally bullied him, suggesting no one would care what he (Mozzie) said. I loved, loved, loved that it was Peter and Neal together who took this loser down.

    The stakeout scene in the car was brilliant (as have been most of the car scenes in this series). Mozzie’s inclusion made it that much funnier.

    That exchange between Peter and Neal about the Steinbeck quote and the Sgt. Friday line was classic P/N banter.

    Ditto the “you’re having separation anxiety” scene. Aren’t we all. But, beyond the injection of humor, I like the idea that Peter is starting to accept this shift in their relationship, of his not being able to track Neal’s every move. Letting your children go is always hard and, as is all too obvious, Neal is, in a very real emotional way, Peter’s wayward son.

    The Pink Panther story may have taken a backseat in this episode, but what little we got still pushed the story forward in a significant way. The stakes have been raised considerably, and I think both Neal and Peter feel the pressure starting to mount. Woodford’s unexpected presence in Neal’s apartment was bone-chillingly sinister, and an excellent way to end this episode.

    Yes, the emotional storm is brewing, but some of WC’s most memorable moments have come as a result of those storms. I’m expecting callbacks to season 1 in the final two episodes, and hopefully a callback to season 1’s emotional high point, Peter’s “you said ‘goodbye’ to everyone but me…why?” speech.

    Of course, I don’t want to think about the implications of that….

  9. Jatg~ Your posts always make me think a little harder, and try to remember all the details. lol. Now I’m getting excited to see this episode. Can’t wait to see the stakeout scene!…

    Aaaaand..I just found “Return to Sender” on Youtube (where it doesn’t belong, I know. ha). So excited that I got to see it! πŸ™‚ I have to agree- Neal really is like Peter’s wayward son. The father/son scenes in RTS were so…natural & realistic. The poignant moment for me, though, was…Neal: “People like Keller are so desperate to get what they want, they don’t feel the ground shifting beneath their feet.” Mozzie: “Yeah….people like Keller.” Enough said.

    My apologies for posting so much tonight, I think my emotions are getting ramped up, ha. This is the first TV show that I’ve become so invested in, and my first experience with…..closure. (See, I can’t even say the word. lol) I’ve just adored the relationships between both the characters and the actors, and all of the intriguing heists and lies in between. ha. This is just…incredibly hard. But it helps a lot knowing that the actors are good friends, & plan to continue spending time together. And I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing all of them somewhere on a screen after this, too. :)….’K. I’m going to be quiet now. ha.

  10. Oh, Neal’s line in 6×02 about “people like Keller becoming so desperate for what they want they don’t notice the ground shifting beneath their feet” is a real kicker, a foreshadowing maybe of Neal’s own inability to see clearly the potential consequences of his own desperation (especially in light of Keller’s warning at the end of 6×03).

    I’ve fallen in love with many TV shows over the years, for different reasons, and it’s always a little sad when they end. But even among my favorites, WC is special. I will definitely be watching for future projects from cast members, and searching for past projects as well. I mean, I’m only just now discovering TDK’s past work, starting with Carnivale, which is kind of amazing. And now I have to go back and watch Sex and the City, for WG. And if there is any justice in the acting profession at all, MB should be a household name.

  11. Ditto. I have never been so emotionally invested in a t.v. show and I face the finale with a barrage of wishes, hopes and fears. We were presented with such an amazingly talented cast and we quickly learned from the promotionals how much they all liked and admired each other. I like to say they had me at “Think so, Copernicus!”.

    To watch each week as these actors inhabited these roles and always elevated the material with such nuance and heart has been a special joy.

  12. Umm…umm…I’ll still have to wait for this episode, but I just found “Uncontrolled Variables”, and….the last scene. Oh. My. Gosh. Neal’s face at the end!! It’s the only part of the episode that I can’t get out of my mind…He has REALLY gotten in over his head, & it didn’t sink in until it was too late. Ugggh. Except for 6×04, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be emotionally prepared to watch the rest. I might have to wait until it comes out on DVD…in a year. lol.

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