TV Tango and TV Guide interviews

As we are approaching the final episode and the conclusion of our beloved series, here are two interviews with Tim, discussing the Finale, the past and the future.

Expect spoilers for episodes already aired. No specific spoilers about the finale, but some hints that might launch you into some anxious speculation. 😉

TV Tango: Q&A Interview with White Collar stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay
TV Guide: White Collar‘s Tim DeKay teases about finale and look back on a great ride.

4 Comments on “TV Tango and TV Guide interviews”

  1. The final countdown – very sad. I’ll be in therapy this time tomorrow.

    Hoping Tim tweets something before the end.

  2. Maybe there should be a topic thread about how we’re handling our separation anxiety.

    Those are great interviews, and although they reveal nothing specific, their comments, along with Eastin’s interview at Entertainment Weekly, suggest what I’ve been thinking since 6.01. I might be wrong, but…

    Anyway, I’m prepared for tears, theirs and mine. Therapy will commence when screen goes to black….

    1. This is what I put on the last thread: “About tomorrow…I am just a basketcase. lol. Since I can’t see the finale until it’s out on DVD, I’m so torn. If nobody dies, I want to know how it ends. But if someone does, then I don’t want to know. If Neal has to leave his life & all of his friends, I’m not ready to face that yet. But if it ends on a happy note, I don’t want to wait a year to find out. And the only way to know which kind of ending it is…is to look. But I can’t. lol…”

      Talk about a moral dilemma, lol. I already have a lump in my throat, & don’t have much to say right now. All I know is that the actors & crew went through some tough good-byes, and they made it through. Now it’s the fans’ turn, & somehow we’ll make it through, too. We have to.

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