Peter Burke is back!

First season 6 behind-the-scenes tweet from Tim!

tim_dekay Dressing room sign for #season6 @WhiteCollarUSA check out the lovely #MrsBurke’s @tathiessen reflection


5 Comments on “Peter Burke is back!”

  1. Yay…I was so thrilled to see this! <3 And I spy a Red Sox shirt and script pages!!

    Saw in the comments on Tim's photo that David Giesbrecht will be back to take S6 photos on June 6! His still photos from the set are definitely among the best, so it's great to see that he'll be bringing us even more! 🙂 (Among my favorites of his sets are the ones from "Gloves Off," "Ice Breaker," and the pilot.)

    1. yes, I noticed the t-shirt and script. 🙂
      Good to hear. Can’t wait to get more pictures, and more Peter!! \o/

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